Quotient TravelPlanner customises holidays to your desires

Customised Travel Agency | Private & Tailor Made Holidays+

We work closely with you to understand your unique tastes and needs to design a highly personalised and unique...

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Customisable Package Tours+

You can now customise your holiday online from our list of specially pre-planned trips.

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Embark On A Worldwide Grand Tour+

Making the most private of arrangements, giving you exclusive access to the finest things around the world.

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Tailor-Made Holidays Specialist | Bespoke Luxury Tours+

Your overall trip is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want.

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Straddling Air and Water+

Acclaimed underwater photographer David Doubilet dives into his voyage of discovery in the enigmatic oceans and climate change documentation.

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The Sweetest Way to Discover Caucasus+

Sticky traditions, winning honey -- beekeeping has persisted through generations and continues to make a buzz in the region.

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Ándale! Arriba! Away to Mexico!+

Javiny Lim didn't drown her first-world mentality in a cenote, but there were plenty other moments worth celebrating.

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The New Extreme 5+

Forget bungee-jumping and tandem diving. Thrillseekers, plan your next holiday with these modern adrenaline-packed activities.

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Relais & Châteaux: 60 and Still Reinventing+

With the diamond in the bag, the luxury hospitality association is now gunning for greater dynamism, especially in Asia.

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5 Awesome Glamping Experiences in Asia Pacific+

Pitch in to some vogue camping sites in the region and live like a royal.

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First-ever National Geographic Live in Singapore!+

Explore secret underwater worlds with award-winning photographer David Doubilet in this Quotient-sponsored August event.

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Filmmaker soars on ‘risk-taking adrenaline’+

Canada-based Bryan Smith packs a decade of extreme adventures in part two of the Quotient-sponsored National Geographic Live.

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