Quotient TravelPlanner customises holidays to your desires

Customised Travel Agency | Private & Tailor Made Holidays+

We work closely with you to understand your unique tastes and needs to design a highly personalised and unique...

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Customisable Package Tours+

You can now customise your holiday online from our list of specially pre-planned trips.

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Embark On A Worldwide Grand Tour+

Making the most private of arrangements, giving you exclusive access to the finest things around the world.

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Tailor-Made Holidays Specialist | Bespoke Luxury Tours+

Your overall trip is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want.

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5 Cool Winter Events+

Embrace the cold and bundle up for some snowy fun with this blizzard of groovy round-the-world festivals.

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Into the Outback+

Our travel editor ups her wilderness quotient in South Australia's remote country, thanks to some passionate Outback folks.

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5 UNESCO Sites in Southeast Asia You May Not Know+

Few venture beyond Angkor -- a pity, really. Here are five underrated World Heritage sites to explore.

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Jean & Family – October 2014+

The guidebook prepared for us is very friendly so we had loads to explore during our free and easy...

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Yong Huat & Sze Peng – October 2014+

The guides were useful and the pace was just nice.

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Kelvin & Chelsea – September 2014+

We had a great time and some of your recommendations really helped take the trip to a higher level.

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Li-Min & Friends – September 2014+

This trip was well-planned/executed and we would definitely make Quotient our choice for future customised travels!

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Jeremy & Hazel – July 2014+

Greenland and Iceland in pictures

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