Quotient TravelPlanner customises holidays to your desires

Customised Travel Agency+

We work closely with you to understand your unique tastes and needs to design a highly personalised and unique...

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Customisable Package Tours+

You can now customise your holiday online from our list of specially pre-planned trips.

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Small Group Luxury Trips+

Grand Touring journeys focus on experiential travel, providing the traveller with a better understanding of the cultures they encounter.

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Tailors of Holidays+

Your overall trip is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want.

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Mr Nice Guy Demon+

Michelin three-star chef Alvin Leung comes clean about his Demon Chef moniker and love affair with hot liquids.

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The Oyster is Your World+

With some pearls of wisdom, it is easy to better appreciate oysters -- from expert shucking to enjoying them in...

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Captivated by Kotmale+

Shunning familiar Sri Lankan locales, Quotient's Tung Ling embraced the remote hill country and discovered unique beauty and hospitality.

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5 Unique Festivals in Asia+

Asia is not without its share of quirky festivities. Here are five that you may not know about.

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Creativity at Best+

Sydney-based chef Mark Best discusses his cooking and fascination with the disconnect between how a dish looks and tastes.

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Around the World 2014 — The Nature-Conservation-Science Lover+

Wildlife fans and science geeks, spice up your next adventure with Quotient's alternative recommendations!

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Around the World 2014 — Road Trippers and Autophiles+

Four wheels, fancy rides, fast collections and fabulous drives are to be enjoyed year-round. Here's how.

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Around the World 2014 — Wandering Gourmands+

Got discerning taste buds and a hunger for good food? Step into Quotient's travel pantry for a whiff.

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