The children this race represents are put in institutional homes because of poverty, abuse, bereavement and inadequate care. These children are discharged from the homes by the age of 17.

Currently, Singapore does not have a system in place that provides support and resources for this group of adolescents upon release. Such circumstances hinder the prospect of higher education, despite individual talent and persistence. Significant positive intervention will be necessary to see them through to adulthood.

For those who have spare love, time and commitment this race provides the opportunity for our society to reach out to those who need guidance and support the most.

Since Aero vs Auto II, through SLOAN’s work with MCYS, the government body has made significant changes to policies for youths at risk.

Founded initially in March 2011, SLOAN began as a part of a private initiative by our sister company, Quotient Travelplanner. SLOAN Private Limited was dedicated to spearheading a sustainable framework for the search and pairing of children with long-term sponsors, mentors and foster parents.

In May of 2012, SLOAN Charities Limited re-registered itself as a Company Limited by Guarantee and redefined its programmes to working with youths (16-25 years old) of disadvantaged backgrounds in spearheading a sustainable framework entailing education, scholarships, financial aid, work opportunities and research dedicated to these causes.