About Cuba

An emerging destination for those in Asia, this Communist nation’s appeal is rooted in its distinctive character. To step into Cuba is to enter a different world; pockets of history exist in virtually every corner of the land in the guise of aged buildings, antique cars and rugged natural landscapes. Kick off your Cuban adventure in Old Havana and Trinidad; your expert local guide will induct you to the leisurely tempo and reveal insightful detail on both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which are among the most beautiful places on the island.

Embrace the luxuriant tropical rainforest at the Parque Natural Topes de Collantes, where a guide will usher you to hiking trails, caves and canyons, enlightening you on the sights as you travel. Dive into the pool at the base of a 75-metre-tall waterfall at the reserve and swim freely while surrounded by pristine nature. You may also want to learn about the secrets of Cuba’s cigars, touted as among the best in the world, at a tobacco farm where you can also drop by local communities for a glimpse of the Cuban way of life.

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