About Georgia

Boasting some of the most unspoilt scenery of any country in the world, Georgia enchants with its mountain peaks, winding rivers and deep valleys, amongst which charming buildings reside. Drive up a 5,000-metre-tall mountain, the highest peak in the country, and take in the unparalleled view of endless ranges and waterfalls as you proceed to a picturesque monastery set against a dramatic backdrop of towering cliffs. Then experience a different sort of charm at the capital, Tbilisi, with its coloured houses and medieval architecture, which include a sulphur bath district and an aged fortress. At Mtskheta, the ancient capital, delve into the history books by paying visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are preserved relics of the past.

The European country claims to be the birthplace of wine, making a visit to the destination a mandatory pilgrimage for oenophiles. Tour sprawling vineyards and qvevri cellars to learn about traditional wine brewing methods and sip on chacha in a 300-year-old cave-cellar. For a sweeter taste of Georgia’s culinary marvels, forage for fresh produce in a garden and be guided by one of the country’s most talented chefs as you prepare your own lunch – you’ll even get to taste the chef’s on-the-spot fusion creations as a bonus!

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