About Germany

Home to the famous “Sleeping Beauty Castle”, Germany is dreamier than one might first expect — it even has a “Fairytale Route” that inspired several more Disney classics and a “Romantic Road”! Whether you’re a nature lover eager to embark on the Black Forest trails, a beer aficionado who has Oktoberfest on your bucket list or an automobile enthusiast who is itching to drive vintage models, these vast lands will surely fulfil your fantasies.

As you travel through Germany, the country’s rich culture, which has birthed inspirational figures such as Bach and Beethoven, and fascinating history that spans pivotal events such as World War II and the Cold War, will also vie for your attention. Besides exploring the buzzing streets of its cosmopolitan cities such as Berlin and Munich, you may even want to seek out quirky wonders such as an upside-down house and singing drain pipes. Grab a sausage when you find yourself hankering for a bite; the locals’ love for wurst is so strong that the country now offers over a 1,000 different varieties. Remember to play by the rules during your visit though or its no-nonsense people will surely put you in your place.

I really wish that we could use Quotient services for all our trips in the future!Karyn & Hak Ngan in Germany — December 2016

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