About Greenland

Far-flung, wild and picturesque, Greenland is a world of its own. A voyage to the land of bombastic nature, where fjords, glaciers and mountain ranges reside, is by no means a simple undertaking although entirely worth the effort. Embrace experiences such as a guided tour of the Ilulissat Icefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you come face to face with massive icebergs approximate 100 metres in length and width, trek in the valley where Inuit fishermen and hunters resided almost four centuries ago and go on a whale safari to watch the humongous sea creatures frolic in the sea.

With its strategic northerly position, Greenland offers ample opportunities to admire the dancing Northern Lights during the winter season. Come summer, go on a midnight sun tour for a different perspective of the glaciers as they sparkle like jewels under the sunlight. The cities, with their distinctive brightly-hued buildings, are excellent bases for getting guided doses of history and culture; you’ll certainly walk away with a deeper appreciation of the local way of life and the steadfast traditions of the fascinating people.

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