About Mexico

Once the land of the Aztecs, Mexico remains a mystery waiting to be uncovered. From ancient ruins such as the renowned Mayan complex, Chichen Itza, that are still being unearthed to unique local traditions, the North American country is a cultural melange. Visit an archaeological site on a private tour to understand how discoveries are dated and restored and explore a key pilgrimage destination where the buildings are mostly painted an egg-yolk yellow.

With the plethora of experiences for travellers, it is easy to see why Mexico is among the most popular destinations in the world. Try your hand at swimming with whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, snorkelling over the barrier reef and diving into freshwater cenotes. Wildlife lovers can participate in sea turtle conservation efforts and help turtle hatchlings reach the sea. On a culinary tour through the country, feast on the country’s signature offerings, which include everything from tacos to fajitas; you’ll have the opportunity to shop at the local market and attend local cooking classes! Don’t miss out on a visit to Mexico City, the country’s capital, where you can admire a castle perched atop a hill and visit a variety of enlightening museums.

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