About Mongolia

Wild and vast, Mongolia remains one of the most untouched places on Earth with one of the lowest population densities. An adventure here in the embracing hands of nature will make you feel like a true pioneering explorer. With Quotient, live like a local in luxury gers at the foot of the Hogno Khan Mountains and roam around the land on horseback at the Hustai Nuruu National Park, which doubles as a conservation area for wild Przewalski Horses. At Asia’s largest desert, the Gobi, ride on rare two-hump Bactrian camels, visit the Singing Sands, a stretch of shifting sand dunes, and hike through glaciers in a valley with your personal expert guide. Or indulge the archaeologist in you and embark on a fossil hunt accompanied by a palaeontologist.

A land of nomads, Mongolia’s capital Ulaanbaatar reportedly changed its location more than 20 times before settling down at its current premises. Immerse yourself in serenity at the Gandan Monastery, the city’s most important religious site and be fascinated by a traditional folk music and dance performance at the world’s coldest capital.

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