About Namibia

An under-the-radar safari destination that lets you fully immerse in nature’s majesty without having to jostle with the crowds, Namibia not only has Africa’s largest private nature reserve but also a wide variety of wildlife, making it a great destination for viewing opportunities. And it seems the secret is out; new luxury lodges linked to conservation projects are opening up one after the other, making this the new it destination for safaris.

Besides the typical game drives and bush walks, you can also opt for alternative safari experiences such as flying over Skeleton Coast National Park to see the hundred-thousand-strong Cape fur seals colony, go on an all-terrain quad bike expedition and roam alongside zebras, lions and ostriches in the world’s oldest desert and spot the elusive desert elephant on a cycling tour. Blessed with an otherworldly landscape of red sandstone mountains, thundering waterfalls, rolling dunes and golden grasslands dotted with curious fairy circles, Namibia’s beauty is a photographer’s dream. Some of the world’s clearest and darkest night skies can be found in Namibia, making it the perfect destination for stargazing too!

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