About Peru

When the international spotlight fell on the mystical Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is an ancient Incan citadel ensconced within mountain peaks, Peru quickly became a hot destination to travel to. Journey into the country’s illustrious past with a visit to the Nazca Lines, where a series of geoglyphs are etched into the desert sands or stop by Cusco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that encapsulates the essence of the Incan empire. Then, board South America’s first luxury sleeper train, which will take you comfortably to places such as Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca. Ride on horseback within the former to take in dramatic views of valleys and peaks and visit the latter to get acquainted with the fascinating ancient tribe that lives on floating islands.

Peruvian cuisine has also climbed to the forefront of the culinary scene, with several of the country’s restaurants having placed consistently in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list in recent years. Sample some refreshing ceviche, savoury Lomo Saltado or stir-fried salted beef tenderloin, or simply sign yourself up for a meal at one of many acclaimed eateries to treat your taste buds to the magical dishes concocted with local produce.

Thank you for the effort made to salvage our holiday from being ruined.Low Family – June 2013

We did enjoy the holiday very much and feel that the itinerary was well planned and most executed well.Colin & Katherine in Brazil, Argentina and Peru – April 2012

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