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  • Step 1: Send us your holiday wishlist and requirements through this simple form or call us at +65 64350922 (Mondays to Fridays, 9.30am to 7pm) to speak to a Travel Consultant. We’ll find out more about your specific requirements through a detailed consultation with our travel consultants via email, phone call or a meeting at our office at your convenience.
  • Step 2: We design an itinerary based on your preferences.
  • Step 3: Upon acceptance of our proposal, a deposit is required. After receiving the deposit, a detailed day-to-day itinerary with a list of shortlisted options and hotels will be sent to you for review. No bookings have been made at this point. The balance is payable at delivery or at least 60 days prior to departure date.
  • Step 4: Upon confirmation of itinerary, we will complete all bookings and reservations and deliver your personalised travel pack, which includes a customised destination guide, daily itinerary suggestions and maps with all directions pertaining to your holiday.

We offer the following payment methods for holiday purchases:
1. Credit Card via internet payment gateway. We accept Amex / MasterCard / Visa.

2. Bank transfers. We accept payment by bank transfer in Singapore Dollars.

3. Bank Cheques. Bank cheques are accepted and must be issued in Singapore Dollars.

4. Cash or Credit Card at our office.

For Independent Holidays: The suggested itinerary serves as a guide, as to which places you can visit in a comfortable frame of time. You are, however, free to change your daily schedule. You can expect to receive a Travel Pack which would include shopping, dining and activity guides for each destination. For Private Tour Holidays: The itinerary for each day is pretty fixed but you can discuss with the tour guide/driver on-the-go as to how much time you will like to spend at each place and/or to skip certain sights that may not interest you.

For Independent Holidays, the suggested itinerary serves as a guide as to which places you can visit in a comfortable frame of time. You are, however, free to change your daily schedule. You can follow the recommmendations in your Travel Pack, which include shopping, dining and activity guides for each destination, to get around.

For Private Tour holidays, you will enjoy full privacy and the services of a private tour guide and/or  driver. The itinerary for each day is pretty fixed but you can discuss with the tour guide/ driver on-the-go as to how much time you will like to spend at each place and/or to skip certain sights that may not interest you.

A holiday with us includes a Travel Pack consisting of all relevant maps, detailed itinerary with point-to-point instructions, destination guides for every city, shopping, dining and activity guide, as well as all accommodation and activity vouchers, and transport passes as specified in the itinerary. Basically, we provide you with the peace of mind, so that you can concentrate on enjoying your holiday.

For bespoke or fully customised holidays, there is no need for a minimum travel group size. We cater to group sizes from 1 to as large as you like.

Included in your Travel Pack will be information and travel tips on your destination. It will help you avoid certain known risks, such as health and safety, as well as get yourself acquainted with local customs and rules. Directions and information in our itinerary will also help you in locating your destinations, and give you a better idea of what to expect.

As with any trip, travelling has its inherent risks and some dangers fall beyond our control perimeters. However, Quotient TravelPlanner has done its utmost to ensure that in the areas within our control (selection of transportation, accommodation, etc), we only deal with reputable and trustworthy partners.

If you want an added level of security, we can arrange for a private travel guide to accompany you on your trip.

Recommended itineraries for road trips have been tried and tested. We will advise you on the feasibility of embarking on self-drive trips based on your individual comfort level. Our driving holidays are designed for comfortable pace, ranging from 2 to 6 hours total drive per day depending on the itinerary. The road conditions are generally well-paved and easy to drive on. You must, of course, feel comfortable & confident to drive in a foreign land.

The Online Store itineraries are a collection of the most requested trips and trip combinations that we’ve planned for our past clients. We have automated some of the tedious processes to present customisable holidays at a more attractive price point compared to a fully customised holiday.

Yes, we believe that accommodation selection makes up your total holiday experience. Do send us the list of hotels or resorts you intend to use, and we will advise you of its suitability.

No hotel names will be given until we receive a booking confirmation from the client. Reason being, there is usually a time lapse between the time clients make their first enquiry to the time of actual booking. To avoid promising potential clients hotels that may be unavailable later on, we will only give hotel names at the actual time of booking. Rest assured, however, that we will seek your approval for the final hotel selection.

All the hotels in our ‘Comfortable’ and ‘Indulgence’ ranges go through a stringent selection process. Rest assured, however, that we will seek your approval for the final hotel selection.

For an example of hotels from our Comfortable and Indulgence range in a city, you can click here.

Our comfortable range of accommodations is by no means shabby. Emphasis at this class of accommodation is on cleanliness, regular maintenance of the property, and proximity to attractions or transportation (metro stations, ferries, etc). Facilities such as swimming pools and spas may not be available here. Types of properties found in this range include traditional bed and breakfast properties, modern budget hotels and family run establishments.

The next level up from our comfortable range, Indulgence selections take all the selection criteria of our Comfortable accommodation and take it up a notch. In this range, you will find hotels that pay more attention to art and design, and are equipped with better quality fittings and furnishings. Types of properties in this range, include boutique design hotels, as well as 4 and 5-star mid-to-large-sized hotels. Wherever possible, selections will lean towards the former.

This is because our product is essentially different from what is being offered on the market. While we strive to be reasonably priced for our customised holidays, we are mindful of not compromising on the overall quality of your holiday experience. We fully customise your holiday plans, give you insider tips on the best restaurant and shopping places to visit, and take the time to find out what you are really looking for in a holiday. In addition, all prices quoted are nett, and inclusive of all taxes and surcharges. We do not believe in advertising “from” prices, and later presenting you with a different final figure.

During your consultation with our travel consultants, having an accurate budget for us to work on is very important. While we endeavour to fulfil all requests, we are mindful of not compromising on the overall quality of your holiday experience. Our itineraries are designed around your input and your expectations of a good holiday; wherever possible, we will provide you with alternative solutions or advise you accordingly of the feasibility of your plans.

We do not charge separate fees for consultation and planning services. In our itinerary proposal, we quote land prices with a complete list of inclusions. This typically includes all necessary travel arrangements and costs such as car rental, rail tickets, transfers, accommodation, domestic flights, guided activities etc. The exception is with air ticket prices as some clients prefer to redeem their airline loyalty points or have already purchased their air tickets prior to contacting us.

Unfortunately at this time, we do not provide planning services as a stand-alone service.

For the bulk of our itineraries to destinations outside of Singapore, these travel services we provide are categorised as zero-rated (0%) under Section 21 of the GST Act, GST is not chargeable for travel services to countries outside Singapore.

Singapore itineraries are subject to GST, which has already been included into the final display price.


Package prices include service fees applicable to the travel components of your package. You can find this information in every itinerary. Each itinerary has a different set of inclusions which you will be able to view in the “Summary” tab before your purchase. However, you are responsible for any additional baggage fees, tips/gratuities to the drivers/tour guides, meals/beverages/room services or any other expenses which are not included nor listed in the Inclusions for the itinerary.

They are included in Private Tour itineraries, but not for self-drive holidays. Driving routes with estimated distances and tolls charges will be advised in the Travel Pack.

No. Tips/ gratuities are given at your discretion in appreciation for the good service rendered to you by the service providers such as the driver, guide or porter. Your Travel Pack will include a tipping guide.

Yes, please budget for parking charges when you park along the streets or in public garages. Parking rates vary from city to city and between parking companies. Where applicable, information on the hotel parking locations and rates will be in your Travel Pack.

This information is given in your travel pack. Inside are detailed step-by-step instructions on how to get to your meeting points and destinations.

The currencies for use in each destination are found in the Essential Guide section in the Travel Pack.

This information is located within your travel itinerary. Inside you will find detailed step-by-step instructions on how and where to catch your connections.

We have included a suggested packing list in the Travel Pack with suggestions on what to bring along on your trip.

It really depends on your own spending and dining habits. However, you should also set aside money for transportation such as the metro and taxis, as well as tips. The Travel Pack has information to help you in your budgeting.

We understand that unexpected events and emergency situations can occur during your trip, that’s why we have a 24-hour emergency phoneline for our clients. From loss of passports to a missed connection or getting stranded because of airport closures, our staff are ever willing to assist you whenever you need help or advice during those situations. The emergency contact information is provided in your travel pack. You can call also us at (+65) 6435 0922 from 9.30am – 7pm (Mondays to Fridays) or SMS (+65) 9322 1223 after hours.