Comfortable: Our Comfortable range of accommodations emphasises cleanliness, regular maintenance of the property, and proximity to attractions or transportation options(metro stations, ferries, etc). Facilities such as swimming pools and spas may not be available here. Properties that lie in this category include traditional bed and breakfasts, modern budget hotels and family-run establishments.

Indulgence: The next level up from our comfortable range, Indulgence selections build upon the criteria of our Comfortable tier and take things up a notch. In this range, you will find hotels that are more attentive to art and design and are equipped with better quality fitting and furnishings. Properties that lie in this category include boutique design hotels as well as 4- and 5-star mid-to-large sized hotels. Selections will lean towards boutique design hotels wherever possible.

Luxurious: This is our top-of-the-line range of accommodations. Hotels in this category are recognised for their exacting service standards. Service typical to such properties include personalised welcome greetings and nightly turndown services. You can also expect properties in this range to regularly feature top-notch furnishings and luxury personal care products. Properties that lie in this category consist of award-winning hotels, and are often affiliated with recognised groups such as Leading Hotel of the World, Small Luxury Hotels or Virtuoso.