Quotient TravelPlanner Corporate Services

With so many travel companies out in the market today, it certainly feels like there are more options than ever before for short listing a travel provider for your company’s incentive travel program. The sad reality however is that many of these programs feature run-of-the-mill resort hotels, city tours, team-building adventure courses, excursions to the night market, etc.

At Quotient TravelPlanner we try to do things a little different. We choose to concentrate our energies on providing our clients with meaningful experiences. Besides paying close attention to our clients’ preferences for pace, budget, accommodation and food, we also focus on creating a programme that reflects our client company’s branding and vision. We believe that a successful incentive programme is one where staff come away feeling a sense of bonding, rejuvenation and also alignment with their company’s directions.

Our unique background in customised holidays allows us to create memorable experiences that set us apart from the competition. Whether it’s a large-scale company incentive trip to a regional destination, a rewards trip for top performers to an exotic destination or a senior management retreat, we will be more than willing to oblige your personalised requests.

As a fully licensed travel agency, we are a one-stop shop for your corporate travel needs. From air-ticketing, to accommodation, to activities, rest assured that we will create something that your staff will love, which will ultimately result in increased productivity.

Working together to make your incentive program a success, we strive to:

  • Tailor a travel experience that’s unique to your team
  • Reinforce your company’s brand and message
  • Build great camaraderie between all participants, as well as foster strong relationships between senior management and staff
  • Achieve your travel objectives and goals

Here are just some ideas of the things that we can do for you:

  • Gala dinners – we can help to create a thematic experience, that will be remembered by all attendees
  • Meetings – we assist with all necessary logistics
  • Food – be it dietary requirements or requests for gourmet dining experiences
  • Transport – from airport transfers and chauffeured limousine services, all the way to yacht, helicopter and private jet charter
  • Activities – skiing, motorsports, cooking, adventure sports, art, sailing, volunteerism, etc – the only limit is your imagination. We’ll be more than happy to suggest activities.
  • Accommodation and venue – Besides hotels, we can also suggest unique venues such as yachts, private villas, houseboats, chalets, conservation buildings, etc

For more information, or to request an on-site consultation, send an email to enquiry@travelplanner.com.sg or call us at +65 6435 0922.