• How We Customise Your Holiday



    There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke. The comfort that comes from a perfect fit and the quiet confidence you gain from knowing that there is nobody in the room better dressed. At Quotient TravelPlanner, we think of ourselves as tailors of holidays – patterns are like your holiday theme, buttons represent the pace of your trip, while flowing or racy hemlines reflect the style and sensuality of your vacation.



    As with a tailor, the process starts with a detailed consultation with one of our travel consultants. Each possesses specific knowledge on different parts of the world and various styles of travel. Collectively, we cover most of the world from luxury travel to adventure travel. In creating bespoke itineraries, consultants work together to come up with ideas and perspectives that will appeal to the particular client. This could be through creating convenience for specific needs clients such as vegans and elderly travellers, or simply creating a wow factor.



    The consultation will yield information such as countries you have covered or would like to visit again in greater depth, interests and dislikes perhaps a fascination with Mahler or a distaste in Miro, gourmet food of any kind or absolutely no history lessons about this or that castle, temperature preferences, whether you prefer staying in vast neo-classical palace hotels or funky boutiques, dietary or mobility requirements, special skills such as shooting, riding or skiing.



    We make suggestions to create a seamless holiday. If there are political problems brewing in Naples, we advise you stay north of Rome instead. If you prefer to shop than sightsee in Paris, we help you prioritise your time and destinations. If you like the idea of safari, but think South Africa is too clichéd, we can suggest alternative luxurious and safe safaris. And if you would like a truly exclusive experience, we will be happy to suggest it and arrange it. Whether it is filming your own music video in the Beijing Summer Palace, sailing with friends on a superyacht to the Billionaire Club, we will be happy to oblige.



    Our clients range from primary school teachers on a honeymoon to industrialists on a family sabbatical, with all of our tailor-made holidays benefitting from equal attention. We discover your expectations for your custom holiday while managing your budget to fully maximise your money.. Expect personalised attention for everything from transport to guides, waking up late is always an option and there is no waiting around for others to turn up. Our Travel Pack, issued to every travelling group, features dining guides with average prices indicated so that you can manage your spending as well.



    We also add travel components to what you already have. You may have a frequent flier programme that we can route your flights to suit, a villa in Tuscany that we can include as part of a holiday, a timeshare or corporate hotel discount anywhere in the world, or an extension to a business trip. We can fly the rest of your family to join you and ensure that a reliable and safe chauffeur brings them to your door.



    Just as in a good suit, there are invisible elements between the layers to create the perfect fit. Because we are a bespoke travel agency, we will route your flights to suit your frequent flier programme or land you at the location closest to your destination which may not be in the same country. We manage this with the range of cars and train lines available to the airport, cost effective flights, and transport links out of the airport which are not jammed. If your family doesn’t travel light, we select estate cars or 4x4s which we know have the luggage capacity to cope with the loads. Hotels are chosen for their value for money, design suitability to your liking, attention to maintenance, proximity to transport links, attractions and amenities, parking availability, air conditioning and even the quality of breakfast.



    Your personalised holiday is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want. This usually means that every holiday we have ever customised has been different. We take on a educating role to introduce new ideas and lifestyles to our travellers at every opportunity, but we try to be sensitive about limits. We won’t send vegans to a pig farm producing the finest corn fed pork, but we do try to convince French wine devotees to try a Barolo, and dyed-in-the-rayon metropolites to try a taste of luxury country life for a day or two. The possibilities for your tailor-made holiday are only limited by your imagination!



    To tailor-make your next holiday, simply speak to any of our travel consultants at +65 6435 0922, alternatively you can email us at enquiry@travelplanner.com.sg. We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.


  • Travel Planning Specialists

    Set up in 2007, Quotient TravelPlanner is a bespoke travel agency born out of passion for travel. From the beginning, our philosophy was simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers a real sense of freedom, discovery and understanding of the world. Almost a decade later, we remain loyal to the same principles, dedicating ourselves to building your dream holiday -- one that matches your unique personality and travel style. The Quotient TravelPlanner difference is the holiday we offer to you, our valued customer, whom we envision a long-lasting relationship with. It’s the unique tailor-made travel itinerary based on your interests and desires; it’s the inspiring journey filled with authentic experiences we want you to cherish a lifetime; it's the type of personalised service and fine touches that will elevate your trip into a real luxury travel experience.

    Our philosophy is simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers the freedom and scope of discovery they desire.
    At the heart is every holiday is, what really matters to you – the solo traveller, honeymoon couple, family with children or group of friends, even the company seeking a meaningful incentive trip to reward and retain your talent. Bespoke, well-planned travel itineraries can be crafted for anyone, and can be geared to maximise any travel style, whether free and easy or private tour, a rail journey or self-drive adventure. Are you a lover of wildlife? An urbanite? A die-hard gourmand? Can’t get enough of cultural and historical sites? Spare yourself the time and headache (and possibly heartache) of planning your own trip and leave the nitty gritty to passionate, seasoned travellers! We listen to you and work with you to fashion your ideal holiday to suit your travelling profile. [gallery ids="9633,9632,9615,9617,9622,9610,9614,9623,9619,9618,9649,9616,9629,9630,9631,9634,9635,9636"] We recognise that flexibility is extremely important for you; just as there are some travellers who wish to follow an itinerary, there will be others who derive pleasure from spontaneous exploration or seeking out off-the-beaten-track moments. When you select us as your travel planner, you are placing your happiness in the hands of a pioneer of customised travel in Singapore; you are choosing a Virtuoso Member – one of just five Specialists in the Art of Travel in Asia – and gatekeeper of sought-after hotel privileges such as VIP treatment, complimentary room upgrades and special amenities. Most importantly, you are signalling your intention to push your travel experiences beyond the realms of the ordinary. Let your feet wander. But before that, the mind.

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  • Affordable Private Tour Packages

    Our brand new portal retains all the great old stuff from our old site, such as the ability to select your accommodation style, pre-pay for optional activities and extend nights in the city of your choice, but is now even easier to confirm and book. Some of our itineraries also have a *new* live accommodation availability feature, which allows you to choose your exact hotel and room and confirm it on the spot. Simply search through our online store for a holiday based on destination, travel style or trip duration, tweak it to suit your individual preferences, and proceed to pay. It's that simple!

  • 5 Unique Holiday Experiences to Enjoy This Winter

    Join in the year-end celebrations at the Winter Festival of Lights. © WFOL.com

    Feeling uninspired by the usual winter holiday itineraries? Spice up your vacation this season when you venture off-the-beaten-path and opt for these unique winter activities instead; a one-of-a-kind adventure awaits to end or start your year with a bang. Of course, these alternative experiences aren't the only reason why you should visit these destinations. Whether it's their yummy food, rich culture or awesome scenery, there are plenty of reasons for you to discover these places this winter. Plus, you'll even get the bragging rights from taking the road less travelled!

    Experience an aurora holiday the Russian way.

    For the Northern Lights chasers

    If feasting your eyes on the aurora borealis is still on your bucket list but you're not keen on embarking on your expedition in typical spots such as Scandinavia or Iceland, Russia might be a great choice for you. Although this may come as a surprise, your chances of catching the Northern Lights in Russia are actually equally high -- there are even Aurora Cabins you can stay in that are not unlike the famous glass igloos in Finland. Besides chasing the Northern Lights, you can also indulge in highlights such as interacting with huskies and reindeer, going on a king crab safari and meeting the Snow Maiden and Father Frost, the local version of Santa Claus.  

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    Seek out a herd of reindeers as they roam freely around the mountains. Photo by Cairngorm Reindeer.

    For the wildlife enthusiasts

    If you have a penchant for wildlife, getting to mingle with arctic animals such as huskies and reindeer are surely one of your top experiences on a winter holiday. Instead of hopping on a sled with these animals and only getting to spend a short time with them, why not opt for a more authentic interactive experience in Scotland instead? Choose to go on a guided hike with an approximately 150-strong free-range reindeer herd in the mountains and rejoice when you get to hand-feed, stroke and snap endless photos with the friendly creatures; these adorable reindeer are Santa's favourite animals for good reason.

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    Admire the multicoloured Niagara Falls. Image by John Piercy / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    For those in a celebratory mood

    When it comes to a winter vacation, many of us have Christmas on our minds. It makes sense then for us to immediately think of visiting one of Europe's enchanting markets for some festive cheer and merriment. But if you're game for new experiences, look to Canada for a whole different celebration. The annual Winter Festival of Lights simply dazzles visitors with its intricate light installations created with more than 2 million lights that bathe the landscape in a magical glow. Make it a point to visit the iconic Niagara Falls for a Sound and Light Show, held each night from 1st November to 31st January 2019, that will simply astound you. At the Deck the Falls pop-up, you'll even get to listen to soothing carol performances and satisfy your stomachs with gourmet food and holiday beverages too!

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    Find out what it's like to sleep in a real igloo. Image by jechstra / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    For those who want an interesting stay

    We have to admit that Sweden's ICEHOTEL is plenty impressive with its intricate ice sculptures and stunning rooms that are crafted from scratch every year but that doesn't mean there aren't other cool properties around. At Norway's Igloo Hotel, you get to stay in a real igloo made from snow; the property is also furnished with ice furniture and sculptures. If you also happen to be looking for a unique destination to wed in, the romantic ice chapel here is a top pick. As a bonus, the hotel is also situated in a prime location for you to view the Northern Lights, which you may even spot whilst soaking in a hot tub!

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    Skip the queues when you ski at a private mountain. Image by Niseko Weiss Powder CATS.

    For winter sports lovers

    Tired of jostling with the crowds at popular hotspots such as Japan's Niseko Ski Resort? Have a mountain all to yourself when you opt to play in the snow at Mount Weisshorn instead. Also conveniently located in Niseko, this private mountain admits just 12 guests each day so you can skip the queuing and create your own fresh tracks on each run. With terrain that's suitable for beginner to advanced skiers and boarders, and professional guides to lead you on your expedition, you'll be in safe hands. A photographer will even accompany you on your trip to snap photos that you can take home as souvenirs!

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  • 10 Shots that Show the Best of Spain

    Beyond Spain's famous tourist attractions that the crowds simply flock to, there are also plenty of hidden gems that lay waiting to be discovered. I was lucky enough to be privy to some of the country's more unique offerings during my visit and came back with a whole new appreciation for Spain.

    At popular destinations such as Madrid and Ibiza, I tagged along with the locals to learn more about their favourite places to hang out and even got to meet masters of their craft, which was an eye-opening experience. Of course, I also indulged in some food and fun! Come along and see Spain through my eyes. The famous Mercado San Miguel is a central market that has been gentrified, fitting for the growing young population here. I couldn't wait to head in and begin an evening of feasting!  Walking in the aisles of the market is the perfect way to take in the vibrant atmosphere of people interacting with food. There are so many appetising options to choose from and of course, while you're in Spain, you absolutely can't avoid a Jamon or ham stall; these hanging Bellotas particularly whetted my appetite.  Madrid is filled with many different neighbourhoods that are ever-growing and ever-changing. I had the privilege to see the streets from a local perspective when an insider well-versed in fashion, gourmet and art took us around. Finding out about these independent boutique shops that play a role in the guide's life was refreshing and made me feel like I was truly walking in the footsteps of a Madrid resident.  Wine is literally cheaper than water here so it comes as little surprise that Spaniards love their alcohol. I managed to get up close and personal with the bartenders of the famous Dry Martini Bar within the Gran Melia Fenix hotel at a masterclass session. It was amazing watching these bartenders make drinks as the multitude of steps involved in making each cocktail is mind-boggling. The process itself is almost like a dance! The best part of this masterclass is the exchange of experience, passion and creativity -- plus, I love the freedom you have to make any drink you like. The good food, good cocktails, good music and the bar's energetic vibe came together to create one of the best afternoons I've ever had.  While in Madrid, I got to meet some of the unsung artisans at the heart of Spanish heritage. Their homes are a legacy to the craft their families have pursued over the years and we got an insight into how they've honed their skills and passed on their passions through the generations. Pictured here is the workroom of a guitar shop that counts famous musicians such as Lenny Kravitz and Bob Dylan amongst their customers! This Leading Hotels of the World property in Madrid is simply my personal favourite of the trip. Gorgeously decorated and rich in history, grandeur and glamour, this hotel is really just like a living museum. The building used to be a palace and has a wonderful view of the city from the rooftop, which creates a picture-perfect moment for guest during sunset. About an hour from Madrid is the youthful and lively island of Ibiza. We hopped on a jeep around the island, which was definitely an exciting way to explore the destination. Beyond the twists and turns and ups and downs of the rugged terrain, we were welcomed by beautiful blue waters, sandy beaches and magnificent bays. Taking a walk around the old walled city was also fun yet relaxing with its quaint cobbled alleys and the cool breeze from the Mediterranean sea. Ibiza is definitely more than just a party destination; it's full of culture, history, art, gastronomy and architecture.   Having lunch in Spain can be a late affair but that doesn't mean it has to be fast and boring! This gastrobar in Ibiza serves fusion food in an extremely memorable manner. Don’t you love their quirky presentation style? What better way is there to spend the night in Ibiza than to do what it's best known for? Party the night away! It was an epic night at one of the hottest clubs on the island with Fat Boy Slim playing at the closing party of the summer season. As the saying goes, eat, sleep, rave, repeat. Just a short 30-minute ferry ride away from Ibiza is Formentera, which is perfect for a day trip. A beautiful place with pristine beaches that are reputed to be some of the best in the world, affordable handicrafts and charming hotels, the small island felt like a home away from home. I really wish I spent more time here and can't wait to visit again. 

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  • Asian Families Embrace Experiential Travel — Travel Weekly Asia

    Quotient was featured in an article by Travel Weekly Asia that was published in print in October. The story talked about the type of holidays Asian families enjoy. Some notable trends include learning outside the classroom and an increasing willingness to travel with young children. Our co-founder, Ms Lim Hui Juan, spoke about how parents are no longer as concerned about their children retaining memories of their holiday but are more focused on the entire travel experience. She also shared about how families are venturing beyond well-known destinations on their vacations.

  • 20 Ways to Travel Sustainably — Virtuoso Life

    Virtuoso Life featured Quotient in an article that was published in print in July. The article highlighted 20 different ways travellers can embrace sustainability while on holiday. In the feature, Quotient TravelPlanner’s co-founder Lim Hui Juan reminded travellers not to purchase rhino-horn products during their vacations to help further conservation efforts in Africa.

  • Sze Peng & Vincent in Spain — October 2018

    The local tour guides/day trips are great and you have picked the right partners to work with. All hotels are in good locations.  One of our hotels gave us a room upgrade on last day of stay, a very nice gesture indeed.  The hotel staff are very friendly too. Overall, it was a good trip and we kept closely to the plan. Some points: - There was protest in Barcelona on 1 Oct (Catalonia independence protest) and we were caught in the middle of it. - The metro in Madrid was a bit confusing and we had problems buying the ticket as locals spoke little English and the information counter was not helpful. - The pace in Malaga was a bit tight, think we could spend one more day there.  It was tiring to have back-to-back day trips.

  • Jayraj, Sumi & family in New Zealand — September 2018

    I have to say, for us, having no prior knowledge about the place, the attractions and the things to consider for a road trip, your planning and arrangement just made it easy for us. Every attraction was a surprise for us and we found thrills and excitement in all of those. As we went through the trip, we were realizing your planning was exactly how we had wanted - just the right balance of leisure and activities. It also let us explore the nearby places and get a good feel of the life there. The only thing we thought was probably not necessary in the itinerary was the last cruise at Akaroa. We had to reach there after a long drive, and the drive through turning and hilly roads combined with the boat cruise over bumpy water immediately after was not very comfortable. Apart from that, every stay, every drive, and every activity was perfect. We could not have had half this much fun if we had planned this trip ourselves. For that we have to thank you and the team at Quotient. PS: Got your welcome gifts at Hokitika, thanks, very thoughtful of you!