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    There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke. The comfort that comes from a perfect fit and the quiet confidence you gain from knowing that there is nobody in the room better dressed. At Quotient TravelPlanner, we think of ourselves as tailors of holidays – patterns are like your holiday theme, buttons represent the pace of your trip, while flowing or racy hemlines reflect the style and sensuality of your vacation.



    As with a tailor, the process starts with a detailed consultation with one of our travel consultants. Each possesses specific knowledge on different parts of the world and various styles of travel. Collectively, we cover most of the world from luxury travel to adventure travel. In creating bespoke itineraries, consultants work together to come up with ideas and perspectives that will appeal to the particular client. This could be through creating convenience for specific needs clients such as vegans and elderly travellers, or simply creating a wow factor.



    The consultation will yield information such as countries you have covered or would like to visit again in greater depth, interests and dislikes perhaps a fascination with Mahler or a distaste in Miro, gourmet food of any kind or absolutely no history lessons about this or that castle, temperature preferences, whether you prefer staying in vast neo-classical palace hotels or funky boutiques, dietary or mobility requirements, special skills such as shooting, riding or skiing.



    We make suggestions to create a seamless holiday. If there are political problems brewing in Naples, we advise you stay north of Rome instead. If you prefer to shop than sightsee in Paris, we help you prioritise your time and destinations. If you like the idea of safari, but think South Africa is too clichéd, we can suggest alternative luxurious and safe safaris. And if you would like a truly exclusive experience, we will be happy to suggest it and arrange it. Whether it is filming your own music video in the Beijing Summer Palace, sailing with friends on a superyacht to the Billionaire Club, we will be happy to oblige.



    Our clients range from primary school teachers on a honeymoon to industrialists on a family sabbatical, with all of our tailor-made holidays benefitting from equal attention. We discover your expectations for your custom holiday while managing your budget to fully maximise your money.. Expect personalised attention for everything from transport to guides, waking up late is always an option and there is no waiting around for others to turn up. Our Travel Pack, issued to every travelling group, features dining guides with average prices indicated so that you can manage your spending as well.



    We also add travel components to what you already have. You may have a frequent flier programme that we can route your flights to suit, a villa in Tuscany that we can include as part of a holiday, a timeshare or corporate hotel discount anywhere in the world, or an extension to a business trip. We can fly the rest of your family to join you and ensure that a reliable and safe chauffeur brings them to your door.



    Just as in a good suit, there are invisible elements between the layers to create the perfect fit. Because we are a bespoke travel agency, we will route your flights to suit your frequent flier programme or land you at the location closest to your destination which may not be in the same country. We manage this with the range of cars and train lines available to the airport, cost effective flights, and transport links out of the airport which are not jammed. If your family doesn’t travel light, we select estate cars or 4x4s which we know have the luggage capacity to cope with the loads. Hotels are chosen for their value for money, design suitability to your liking, attention to maintenance, proximity to transport links, attractions and amenities, parking availability, air conditioning and even the quality of breakfast.



    Your personalised holiday is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want. This usually means that every holiday we have ever customised has been different. We take on a educating role to introduce new ideas and lifestyles to our travellers at every opportunity, but we try to be sensitive about limits. We won’t send vegans to a pig farm producing the finest corn fed pork, but we do try to convince French wine devotees to try a Barolo, and dyed-in-the-rayon metropolites to try a taste of luxury country life for a day or two. The possibilities for your tailor-made holiday are only limited by your imagination!



    To tailor-make your next holiday, simply speak to any of our travel consultants at +65 6435 0922, alternatively you can email us at enquiry@travelplanner.com.sg. We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.


  • Travel Planning Specialists

    Set up in 2007, Quotient TravelPlanner is a bespoke travel agency born out of passion for travel. From the beginning, our philosophy was simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers a real sense of freedom, discovery and understanding of the world. Almost a decade later, we remain loyal to the same principles, dedicating ourselves to building your dream holiday -- one that matches your unique personality and travel style.The Quotient TravelPlanner difference is the holiday we offer to you, our valued customer, whom we envision a long-lasting relationship with. It’s the unique tailor-made travel itinerary based on your interests and desires; it’s the inspiring journey filled with authentic experiences we want you to cherish a lifetime; it's the type of personalised service and fine touches that will elevate your trip into a real luxury travel experience.

    Our philosophy is simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers the freedom and scope of discovery they desire.
    At the heart is every holiday is, what really matters to you – the solo traveller, honeymoon couple, family with children or group of friends, even the company seeking a meaningful incentive trip to reward and retain your talent.Bespoke, well-planned travel itineraries can be crafted for anyone, and can be geared to maximise any travel style, whether free and easy or private tour, a rail journey or self-drive adventure.Are you a lover of wildlife? An urbanite? A die-hard gourmand? Can’t get enough of cultural and historical sites? Spare yourself the time and headache (and possibly heartache) of planning your own trip and leave the nitty gritty to passionate, seasoned travellers! We listen to you and work with you to fashion your ideal holiday to suit your travelling profile.[gallery ids="9633,9632,9615,9617,9622,9610,9614,9623,9619,9618,9649,9616,9629,9630,9631,9634,9635,9636"]We recognise that flexibility is extremely important for you; just as there are some travellers who wish to follow an itinerary, there will be others who derive pleasure from spontaneous exploration or seeking out off-the-beaten-track moments.When you select us as your travel planner, you are placing your happiness in the hands of a pioneer of customised travel in Singapore; you are choosing a Virtuoso Member – one of just five Specialists in the Art of Travel in Asia – and gatekeeper of sought-after hotel privileges such as VIP treatment, complimentary room upgrades and special amenities.Most importantly, you are signalling your intention to push your travel experiences beyond the realms of the ordinary.Let your feet wander. But before that, the mind.

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  • Affordable Private Tour Packages

    Our brand new portal retains all the great old stuff from our old site, such as the ability to select your accommodation style, pre-pay for optional activities and extend nights in the city of your choice, but is now even easier to confirm and book. Some of our itineraries also have a *new* live accommodation availability feature, which allows you to choose your exact hotel and room and confirm it on the spot.Simply search through our online store for a holiday based on destination, travel style or trip duration, tweak it to suit your individual preferences, and proceed to pay. It's that simple!

  • View From: Hotel Vilòn

    Be among the privileged few to enjoy unrestricted views of Palazzo Borghese's "secret gardens". Image by Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

    Opened in March 2018, Hotel Vilòn is the newest addition to the ancient heart of Rome.Formerly a convent in the 16th century before becoming the residence of the influential Borghese family, the historic mansion is now given a new lease of life as a luxury boutique hotel. Italian interior designer Paolo Bonfini, who also has an illustrious career in Italian cinema as an award-winning production designer, has spruced up the 18 guest rooms and suites with elegant velvet furnishings that are both Art Deco and contemporary in style. You also get exclusive views of the private gardens of Palazzo Borghese from the comfort of your room or private terrace.The hotel's convenient location in the historic quarter of Rome means you are just a few minutes' walk away from the River Tiber, the shopping district, and famous attractions such as the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon.[caption id="attachment_28514" align="alignnone" width="620"]Hotel Vilon Guest Room with Terrace The guest rooms and suites of Hotel Vilòn are the handiwork of Italian designer Paolo Bonfini. Image by Small Luxury Hotels of the World.[/caption]True to old-fashioned Italian hospitality, the concierge is always on hand to arrange tailor-made sightseeing trips and private transport for you to explore Rome comfortably and conveniently. Pets are also welcomed if you decide to bring your furry friends along.After a fulfilling day out at museums and Roman ruins, you can retreat to the tranquil oasis of Hotel Vilòn for a refreshing cocktail at the private hotel courtyard, or bask in the afternoon sun while tucking in to Mediterranean classics on the patio of the hotel's chic retro bistro.Room tariffs begin from €407 (S$656) per night.

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  • Experience the Best of New Zealand’s North Island

    Transport yourself to a magical underground world at the Waitomo Caves. Image by Tourism New Zealand.

    Besides the five highlights of New Zealand's South Island, the country's North Island also exudes plenty of appeal. With its rich culture, buzzing cities and natural attractions, this region of the country especially shines when it comes to offering family-friendly experiences. Whether you're looking for a relaxing holiday where your tribe can just kick back and unwind with some interesting sightseeing or searching for a spot of adventure to add a little excitement to your vacation, the North Island has got you covered. Here are the five essential activities you should partake in when you visit the destination! Delve into the Waitomo glowworm grotto As one of the country's premier attractions, the Waitomo Caves offers a captivating encounter to visitors. Choose to go on a guided walk or leisurely boat tour through the extensive underground system, where you'll be awed once you come across the sight of thousands of glowworms flickering on the walls of the inky black grotto, replicating the beautiful starry sky right before your very eyes. Appreciate the serene moment before you slowly exit back into the light, where your knowledgeable guides will gladly share interesting anecdotes about the history and geology of the area.

    Auckland's bustling waterfront is a huge draw for visitors. Image by Tourism New Zealand.

    Take in the cosmopolitan vibes of Auckland Known as New Zealand's largest urban area, Auckland brims with vibrancy and diversity from every corner. With bustling harbours on two different bodies of water, the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, it comes as no surprise that the city's waterfront is a big draw. Admire Auckland on a leisurely cruise aboard a luxury boat, or go for a relaxing stroll to see the docked superyachts up close. An exhilarating ride on a helicopter will give you a birdseye view of the buzzing city and is also a great way for you to soak in Auckland's lively atmosphere.

    Go behind-the-scenes at an authentic movie set. Image by Tourism New Zealand.

    Uncover the Hobbiton's secrets Live out your fairytale fantasies at the Hobbiton, where the blockbuster trilogies "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Hobbit" were filmed. You'll get to imagine what it would be like to live in Middle-earth as you duck into hobbit holes, drink traditional ales in the Green Dragon Inn and wander the gardens of the Shire. As you explore the scenic surroundings that impressed director Peter Jackson so much that he was compelled to build the movie set in the area, your friendly guides will also let you in on filmmaking details to draw you further into the magical world.

    Watch local warriors paddle a waka, a Maori canoe. Photo by JSilver / CC BY 2.0

    Embrace local culture with a Maori initiation If you're curious about local culture, hop over to Rotorua. Here, you can immerse yourself in all things Maori by touring a historical village, partaking in ceremonial experiences, feasting on a hangi meal, where the food is cooked with heated rocks in a pit oven, and learning the haka, a Maori war dance. This experience is not only entertaining but will also give you a fascinating insight into the Maori culture so you leave with a greater understanding of the indigenous people's way of life.

    Visit the unusual Emerald Lakes on a day hike. Image by Tourism New Zealand.

    Go on an outdoor adventure at Tongariro The country's oldest national park, Tongariro is also the holder of a dual UNESCO World Heritage area for its geological significance and spiritual importance to the Maori culture. It is here where you can embark on the country's most popular day hike, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. Not for the fainthearted, the eight-hour hike covers a total distance of 19 kilometres. The views, however, make the effort worthwhile; trek up the valley for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and volcanic landscape, and admire the startlingly green Emerald Lakes. If you'd rather try an alternative activity, whitewater rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking and fishing are also available in the park.     

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  • 5 Most Spectacular National Parks in the Americas for Horseriding

    Admire the Rocky Mountains on a trot around the landscape. Photo by Randy Peters / CC BY-NC 2.0

    As much as we enjoy the pockets of greenery in our homeland of Singapore, it's hard for these places to compare to the massive national parks in the Americas, which possess some of the world's most dramatic scenery. And one of the best ways to experience the bountiful nature of these destinations is to ride through their picture-perfect landscapes. Take a moment to imagine you and your mighty steed crossing acres of lush forests, meandering across rushing creeks and capering towards impressive mountain ranges -- this is when you'll truly feel at one with nature. When you're on horseback, the experience of journeying through the boundless nature surrounding you is undeniably calming. Feel your worries melt away as you leave behind the concrete jungle and breathe in the fresh air at these five most beautiful places to go riding in the Americas!Banff National Park, Canada Ensconced by the awe-inspiring Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is also the country's oldest national park. One of its most well-known sights is that of the Valley of Ten Peaks, a range of mountain peaks, reflected in the vast and unbelievably blue Moraine Lake. On your trek, visit natural hot springs and tranquil rivers, and climb a mountain looking down into a valley for impressive views. Soak in the alpine scenery and, if you'd like, ride to a major waterfall to admire the crashing waters flowing into the river.

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    Gaze upon the Cotopaxi volcano on horseback. Photo by james sensor / CC BY-NC 2.0

    Cotopaxi National Park, Ecuador You know your trip is bound to be exciting when it includes a visit to a park where an active volcano, the Cotopaxi, resides. At one of the country's largest national parks, you get to savour great views of the volcano from every direction as you roam the lands on your horse. Traverse a variety of mountains, explore deep ravines and a protected forest, or even visit the indigenous communities for an insight into the local way of life. Along the way, you may even spot Andean condors or other bird species soaring overhead if you're lucky!

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    Besides horseriding, mules can also guide you around the canyon rim. Photo by Grand Canyon National Park / CC BY 2.0

    Grand Canyon National Park, United States A UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its distinctive deep red canyons rimming the snaking Colorado River, the stunning Grand Canyon National Park needs little introduction. Ride alongside the edges of an intimidating chasm, descend into a valley where you'll feel dwarfed by nature’s majesty and visit lookout points to feel on top of the world as you gaze out into the jagged peaks beyond. For a tamer trip, meander into the peaceful Kaibab National Forest, where elk and sheep reside.

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    Gallop across the beautiful lands of the Torres Del Paine. Photo by david takes photos / CC BY-NC 2.0

    Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile Explore one of the rawest natural areas in the world, which boasts an array of unique jagged mountain peaks, massive glaciers and mirrored lakes. Torres Del Paine's allure is unparalleled for good reason -- there's no other place quite like it. Cross streams on horseback, ride past herds of cattle and sheep and trot beside a breathtaking lake scattered with icebergs as you adventure across the vast expanse, all whilst the granite mountains hover in the distance. It is here where you'll truly feel wild and free.

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    You can also travel on tame mules in Yosemite. Photo by Rachael Moore / CC BY-NC 2.0

    Yosemite National Park, United States Venture into one of America’s most scenic destinations and encounter magnificent natural beauty the likes of which you’ve never experienced before. Lead your horse through verdant hills, lush forests and blooming meadows as you gaze upon the impressive Sierra Nevada mountain range and the thundering waterfalls spilling downwards. As you make your way towards vantage points and through bubbling creeks, the spectacular panoramic sights of the swooping valley, rushing river and clear lakes will leave you in awe. You can even choose to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Teddy Roosevelt and ride amongst 2,000-year-old redwood trees in Yosemite’s famous Mariposa Grove.

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  • 5 Amazing Meals That Are a Sensual Hit

    Immerse yourself in a virtual underwater world while you dine. Photo by Roberto Castano / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Take your dining experience to the next level with these fascinating concepts. Targeted at engaging your senses beyond just your taste buds and nose, these novel approaches not only seek to enhance the flavours you're presented with but also heighten your enjoyment of the meal. Curious about how taste evolves when it's paired with music and art? Or about how theatrical fun and virtual reality can add another dimension to the gourmet experience? Read on to find out where you can travel to for these unique encounters.Sublimotion, Spain For all the multisensory restaurants that have been popping up, where you can expect both the delivery of the food and the actual tasting itself to be immersive experiences, Sublimotion is surely the most extravagant. Helmed by two-Michelin-starred chef Paco Roncero, the world's most expensive restaurant is notably covered with floor-to-ceiling screens. As dishes that play on molecular gastronomy are served, you'll be continuously treated to changing audio-visuals that are meant to engage all five senses -- be virtually transported to an underwater world and even go skydiving with a virtual reality headset!

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    Feast on dishes that are literally as pretty as a picture. Image by Vingen Bar.

    Vingen Bar, Norway If you've ever looked at an art piece and wondered how it would translate to a plated dish, your curiosity is about to be satisfied. At the Vingen Bar, dishes are inspired by the ongoing exhibitions at the Astrup Fearnley Museum; as new exhibitions open, the menu changes to reflect the artists' origins and signature works. The latest edition, the Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin menu, is inspired by the artists' garden of sculptures and features beautifully constructed menu items such as pumpkin soup and cured trout tartar with scallops.

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    See how music evolves the flavours on your plate. Image by Musical Pairing.

    Musical Pairing, United States Borne out of the conviction that music can elevate your meal by engaging your sense of hearing, Musical Pairing partners tunes with food and beverages via mathematical calculations. Each menu item and song is assigned a numerical value depending on their individual compositions and a pair is formed when both have equal values. Be treated to a whole array of unexpected food, beverage and music pairings during your meal. Some recommended examples include eating creme brulee while listening to Harry Connick Jr's "It Had to Be You" or digging into a rich chocolate brownie to the tempo of Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise".

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    Jump into an interactive play that doubles as a fun dining experience. Image by The Chambers of Flavour.

    The Chambers of Flavour, United Kingdom Add spades of theatrical flair to your meal when you attend one of The Chambers of Flavour's annual pop-ups. You and your meal become part of a stage act, so be prepared to fully participate in the crafted storyline. Past iterations included instances such as hunting for salads placed in birds' nests in a make-believe forest or eating dessert in an aircraft before zooming down a slide. As the experiences and dishes served vary each year, you truly have to expect the unexpected.

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    The world's first dark restaurant enhances your taste buds by obscuring your sight. Image by Blindekuh Zurich.

    Blindekuh Zurich, Switzerland Dining in the dark may not be a novelty to you but that doesn't mean the experience is any less exciting. Here at Blindekuh Zurich, you'll be dining at the world's first dark restaurant. As your sense of sight is compromised, your other senses are heightened, making for an intriguing meal where you attempt to identify different flavours correctly through your senses of smell, touch and taste. Rest assured if you're worried about making your way around the restaurant; the visually impaired wait staff is fully equipped to lead you safely around the premises.  

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  • Travel Agencies Adopt New Technologies — TTG Asia

    Quotient was featured in an article by TTG Asia that was published in print and online on 9th March.The story focused on how Singapore's travel agencies have been adopting new technologies to enhance their appeal with aid from Singapore Tourism Board's Travel Agent Roadmap initiative.Our co-founder, Lim Hui Juan, shared that Quotient is currently developing a chatbot to explore how we can help our clients through the use of technology. The adoption of new technology also aids Quotient in our expansion and globalisation efforts.The article can be read here.

  • View From: Bayerischer Hof

    Feast your eyes on Munich's skyline as you dine on the rooftop. Image by Leading Hotels of the World.

    After extensive renovations amounting to €12 million (S$20 million), Bayerischer Hof is all ready to pamper visitors to Munich with top-notch facilities and services fit for royalty.Constructed in 1839 under the orders of King Ludwig I, Bayerischer Hof bears as much history as Munich's most famous churches and museums that stand within walking distance. Empress Elisabeth of Austria, Albert Einstein and Ernest Hemingway are just some of the famous personalities who have stepped through the doors of this iconic hotel run by the Volkhardt Family since 1897. With the refurbishment, the hotel now has a total of 337 unique rooms and suites, each individually designed by the likes of star architect Siegward Graf Pilati and renowned interior designer Axel Vervoordt. Depending on your tastes, you can take your pick from romantic Laura Ashley rooms to classical-style rooms replete with precious antiques that channel 19th-century European elegance.If you prefer more privacy and exclusivity, you can live the high life -- literally -- in the city's largest penthouse garden suite that occupies the entire eighth floor overlooking the rooftops of Munich. Here, you can enjoy personalised butler service and private champagne breakfast and massages in the privacy of your own penthouse.[caption id="attachment_28421" align="alignnone" width="620"]Bayerischer Hof Munich suite Each room is uniquely designed by the likes of Graf Pilati. Image by Leading Hotels of the World.[/caption]The redesigned Atelier restaurant, a proud winner of three Michelin stars, also promises to delight your taste buds with exquisite and modern French and Mediterranean cuisine.To unwind at the end of the day, you can catch a play or movie at the in-house theatre and luxury cinema, or rejuvenate at the rooftop Blue Spa with a swim or a therapeutic massage.Room tariffs begin from €315 (S$511) per night for a single room. When you book with Quotient, you get to enjoy VIP welcome amenities, complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability), early check-ins and late check-outs, and hotel or resort credits.

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