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    There is nothing quite like dressing in bespoke. The comfort that comes from a perfect fit and the quiet confidence you gain from knowing that there is nobody in the room better dressed. At Quotient TravelPlanner, we think of ourselves as tailors of holidays – patterns are like your holiday theme, buttons represent the pace of your trip, while flowing or racy hemlines reflect the style and sensuality of your vacation.



    As with a tailor, the process starts with a detailed consultation with one of our travel consultants. Each possesses specific knowledge on different parts of the world and various styles of travel. Collectively, we cover most of the world from luxury travel to adventure travel. In creating bespoke itineraries, consultants work together to come up with ideas and perspectives that will appeal to the particular client. This could be through creating convenience for specific needs clients such as vegans and elderly travellers, or simply creating a wow factor.



    The consultation will yield information such as countries you have covered or would like to visit again in greater depth, interests and dislikes perhaps a fascination with Mahler or a distaste in Miro, gourmet food of any kind or absolutely no history lessons about this or that castle, temperature preferences, whether you prefer staying in vast neo-classical palace hotels or funky boutiques, dietary or mobility requirements, special skills such as shooting, riding or skiing.



    We make suggestions to create a seamless holiday. If there are political problems brewing in Naples, we advise you stay north of Rome instead. If you prefer to shop than sightsee in Paris, we help you prioritise your time and destinations. If you like the idea of safari, but think South Africa is too clichéd, we can suggest alternative luxurious and safe safaris. And if you would like a truly exclusive experience, we will be happy to suggest it and arrange it. Whether it is filming your own music video in the Beijing Summer Palace, sailing with friends on a superyacht to the Billionaire Club, we will be happy to oblige.



    Our clients range from primary school teachers on a honeymoon to industrialists on a family sabbatical, with all of our tailor-made holidays benefitting from equal attention. We discover your expectations for your custom holiday while managing your budget to fully maximise your money.. Expect personalised attention for everything from transport to guides, waking up late is always an option and there is no waiting around for others to turn up. Our Travel Pack, issued to every travelling group, features dining guides with average prices indicated so that you can manage your spending as well.



    We also add travel components to what you already have. You may have a frequent flier programme that we can route your flights to suit, a villa in Tuscany that we can include as part of a holiday, a timeshare or corporate hotel discount anywhere in the world, or an extension to a business trip. We can fly the rest of your family to join you and ensure that a reliable and safe chauffeur brings them to your door.



    Just as in a good suit, there are invisible elements between the layers to create the perfect fit. Because we are a bespoke travel agency, we will route your flights to suit your frequent flier programme or land you at the location closest to your destination which may not be in the same country. We manage this with the range of cars and train lines available to the airport, cost effective flights, and transport links out of the airport which are not jammed. If your family doesn’t travel light, we select estate cars or 4x4s which we know have the luggage capacity to cope with the loads. Hotels are chosen for their value for money, design suitability to your liking, attention to maintenance, proximity to transport links, attractions and amenities, parking availability, air conditioning and even the quality of breakfast.



    Your personalised holiday is planned to maximise the sights and experiences you want, in the style you want. This usually means that every holiday we have ever customised has been different. We take on a educating role to introduce new ideas and lifestyles to our travellers at every opportunity, but we try to be sensitive about limits. We won’t send vegans to a pig farm producing the finest corn fed pork, but we do try to convince French wine devotees to try a Barolo, and dyed-in-the-rayon metropolites to try a taste of luxury country life for a day or two. The possibilities for your tailor-made holiday are only limited by your imagination!



    To tailor-make your next holiday, simply speak to any of our travel consultants at +65 6435 0922, alternatively you can email us at enquiry@travelplanner.com.sg. We’ll be more than happy to answer any queries you might have.


  • Travel Planning Specialists

    Set up in 2007, Quotient TravelPlanner is a bespoke travel agency born out of passion for travel. From the beginning, our philosophy was simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers a real sense of freedom, discovery and understanding of the world. Almost a decade later, we remain loyal to the same principles, dedicating ourselves to building your dream holiday -- one that matches your unique personality and travel style.The Quotient TravelPlanner difference is the holiday we offer to you, our valued customer, whom we envision a long-lasting relationship with. It’s the unique tailor-made travel itinerary based on your interests and desires; it’s the inspiring journey filled with authentic experiences we want you to cherish a lifetime; it's the type of personalised service and fine touches that will elevate your trip into a real luxury travel experience.

    Our philosophy is simple: craft meaningful holidays that offer discerning travellers the freedom and scope of discovery they desire.
    At the heart is every holiday is, what really matters to you – the solo traveller, honeymoon couple, family with children or group of friends, even the company seeking a meaningful incentive trip to reward and retain your talent.Bespoke, well-planned travel itineraries can be crafted for anyone, and can be geared to maximise any travel style, whether free and easy or private tour, a rail journey or self-drive adventure.Are you a lover of wildlife? An urbanite? A die-hard gourmand? Can’t get enough of cultural and historical sites? Spare yourself the time and headache (and possibly heartache) of planning your own trip and leave the nitty gritty to passionate, seasoned travellers! We listen to you and work with you to fashion your ideal holiday to suit your travelling profile.[gallery ids="9633,9632,9615,9617,9622,9610,9614,9623,9619,9618,9649,9616,9629,9630,9631,9634,9635,9636"]We recognise that flexibility is extremely important for you; just as there are some travellers who wish to follow an itinerary, there will be others who derive pleasure from spontaneous exploration or seeking out off-the-beaten-track moments.When you select us as your travel planner, you are placing your happiness in the hands of a pioneer of customised travel in Singapore; you are choosing a Virtuoso Member – one of just five Specialists in the Art of Travel in Asia – and gatekeeper of sought-after hotel privileges such as VIP treatment, complimentary room upgrades and special amenities.Most importantly, you are signalling your intention to push your travel experiences beyond the realms of the ordinary.Let your feet wander. But before that, the mind.

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  • Affordable Private Tour Packages

    Our brand new portal retains all the great old stuff from our old site, such as the ability to select your accommodation style, pre-pay for optional activities and extend nights in the city of your choice, but is now even easier to confirm and book. Some of our itineraries also have a *new* live accommodation availability feature, which allows you to choose your exact hotel and room and confirm it on the spot.Simply search through our online store for a holiday based on destination, travel style or trip duration, tweak it to suit your individual preferences, and proceed to pay. It's that simple!

  • View From: The Retreat

    Stay in this serene luxury hotel built within one of Iceland's most iconic attractions. Image by The Retreat.

    Situated atop an 800-year-old lava field and surrounded by the world-famous geothermal pool, the Blue Lagoon, The Retreat is the first luxury hotel and spa in the region.Once you lay eyes on the wide array of spa amenities available, you'll instantly feel your mind and body relax. Enjoy secluded access to the blue lagoon, a lava rock-heated steam room and even a cold well, and pamper yourself with the hotel's signature treatment, where you’ll lie on a floating mattress lightly submerged in the lagoon while a therapist slathers you with natural minerals before giving you a full-body massage. The luxury property has 62 suites that afford breathtaking vistas of the iridescent turquoise waters and multi-hued lava in the landscape. If you prefer more exclusivity, opt to stay in the Lagoon Suite, where you can walk out of your doorway right into the famous revitalising waters of the lagoon.

    Walk out of your room and straight into the Blue Lagoon. Image by The Retreat.

    At the on-site Moss restaurant, you'll be able to sample a wide variety of local Icelandic cuisine over a seven-course tasting menu. If you're an oenophile, opt to pair your food with wines stored in a special lava rock cave.When night falls, you may even see the Northern Lights dancing in the horizon if you're lucky enough. The hotel also offers complimentary yoga sessions and guided group hikes.Room tariffs begin from ISK180,000 (S$2252) per night.

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  • View From: Rosewood Phnom Penh

    Enjoy panoramic views from the hotel's sky bar. Image by Rosewood.

    Situated in Cambodia's tallest skyscraper, Rosewood Phnom Penh boasts unobstructed 360-degree views of the city and the fabled Mekong River.The hotel’s central location makes it a convenient base to explore iconic attractions such as the bustling Central Market and the grand Royal Palace where the current king resides. You can even utilise the complimentary drop-off remork rides, which will ferry you anywhere within a two kilometre radius of the hotel. When it comes to dining, you'll be spoilt for choice by the wide variety of cuisines available at the three in-house restaurants. Pick from Japanese izakaya dishes to classic French and Cambodian fare and more. Those seeking to unwind after their meals can head to the beautiful alfresco sky bar to enjoy specially curated cocktails or beers as they admire the unbeatable views.

    The spacious Grand Executive Suite oozes luxury. Image by Rosewood.

    The 175 guest rooms and suites are primed for indulgence; they are not only amongst the largest accommodations in the city but also come with luxurious bath amenities by Christophe Laudamiel, the French perfumer behind several renowned fragrances for Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren.Room tariffs begin from US$184 (S$246) per night. Book with Quotient to enjoy daily breakfast for two, complimentary room upgrades (subject to availability) and welcome amenities.

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  • Top Cultural Experiences to Complete Your Luxury Japan Holiday

    Soak in the peaceful atmosphere of Kyoto's famous temples at night. Image by Xperisus.

    Japan is well-loved for a multitude of reasons including its delicious cuisine, pleasant natives, picturesque landscape and, perhaps most of all, its fascinating culture. On a holiday there, a discovery of the customs and destinations that have shaped the country's distinctive appeal is not to be missed! To fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture and gain a greater understanding of local history and traditions, opt for one of these luxury private experiences. From getting the rare chance to speak one-on-one with esteemed practitioners of their fields to participating in these top cultural activities yourself, an in-depth exploration will surely further elevate your love for Japan!

    Experience Kyoto's famous temples in privacy

    Kyoto's historic temples simply swarm with crowds no matter the time of day, which can compromise the entire visiting experience. If you'd like to fully soak up the serene atmosphere of these remarkable monuments, exclusive night tours are the way to go. Explore the private grounds of famous temples accompanied by a learned guide, who will not only take you to places that are inaccessible to the general public but will also share about the temple's rich history with you. Depending on which temple you choose to visit, you can also partake in zen meditation with a priest, traditional tea ceremonies and dinner with a Maiko. In the autumn, you can even walk around a temple's grounds as it is illuminated by moving lights, creating a magical scene.

    Learn about the fascinating lives of sumos when you visit their living quarters.

    Interact with sumo wrestlers

    The art of sumo goes beyond mere wrestling. It's not only Japan's oldest national sport but is also a festival ritual and a strength contest. If you're curious about the lives of sumo wrestlers, seize the chance to experience their daily routines when you visit their living quarters. Once in the sumo stables, you'll be able to see the wrestlers' painstaking training as they prepare for the official sumo tournament and interact with them over a meal of chanko nabe, a traditional stew consumed by the athletes.

    Put on formal wear that's typically reserved for royalty. Image by Xperisus.

    Dress up in royal garb

    Kimonos and yutakas are already plenty stunning but the junihitoe takes traditional Japanese dressing to a whole other level. Consisting of twelve different layers, the formal wear is only donned by the imperial family on special ceremonial occasions. As an expert dresses you in the garb, you'll also learn about the history behind the costume that was first introduced over a century ago. The activity culminates in a photo-taking session at a reserved Noh theatre where you can proudly display the intricate wear. This rare opportunity is one that even native Japanese hardly come by!

    Marvel at some of Japan's best art at an island. Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot / CC BY 2.0

    Learn all about a famous art destination from an expert

    On Japan's preeminent island for art-lovers, you'll discover modern and traditional art in the most unexpected places. From a painting in your hotel room to the iconic polka-dotted pumpkin sculpture created by Yayoi Kusama on a seemingly random pier, you'll find yourself surrounded by art; there's even a public bathhouse that doubles as an art installation! With the guidance of a renowned curator, you'll not only be able to locate the must-see pieces in the destination but will also get to understand more about what each work represents. Don't forget to stop by the museums where works by artists such as Claude Monet can be found!  

    Watch a master swordsmith at work. Image by TOKI.

    Witness ancient swords being crafted

    The Japanese katana has been one of the country's preeminent symbols since the era of the samurais. When one is in ownership of a katana, one is said to possess the spirit of the bushido, which consists of virtues such as honesty and honour. At the workshop of a renowned swordsmith, you'll get to witness the behind-the-scenes crafting process of a sword from forging the metal to shaping and sharpening the edges. If you so happen to be mesmerised by the ancient swords after your visit, you can even make a custom order for your personal katana.

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  • 5 Glamping Options Perfect for the Family

    Immerse yourself in South America's staggering natural offerings. Photo by david takes photos / CC BY-NC 2.0

    It can be hard to gather the family for quality time together so it's all the more important to make every moment count. On a glamping holiday, you'll immerse in fun experiences and adventures in picturesque landscapes, resulting in precious memories for the whole family! Whether you want to have a more laidback vacation, partake in exciting activities around the region or interact with animals in their natural habitats, these top glamping picks will cater to your preferences. From comfortable private lodging to top-notch amenities and services, rest assured that your needs will be well taken care of even as you enjoy the best that the great outdoors has to offer.

    Experience Patagonia's abundant nature

    If you'd like to introduce your kids to the beauty of pristine nature and outdoor adventure in one of the most untouched places in the world, hop over to South America. Your family will be wowed by the incredible landscape as you sail up close to towering glaciers, trot across Chile's stunning Torres del Paine National Park on horseback and encounter native wild animals such as guanacos and ostriches on nature walks. Older children can also experience ice trekking on a glacier, try fly fishing and go on bike excursions. Back in your two-storey family dome, watch the sunset from your outdoor terrace and take in the spectacular views of the night sky via the ceiling windows as you slowly sink into a restful slumber.

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    Learn about local cultures and outdoor survival skills in Africa. Image by andBeyond.

    Embrace Africa's wilderness

    Don't be intimidated by the thought of going on a safari with your family! Available in Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania, these luxurious tented camps parked near popular game viewing spots offer activities that'll interest each member of the family. Your little ones will be jumping at the opportunity to participate in activities revolving around the natural environment such as tracking and fishing expeditions, crafting and painting and more. Whilst they immerse themselves in Africa's wonders, you'll have space to relax with a glass of bubbly in your outdoor terrace or recharge with in-room massages. The family will also have plenty of quality time together spotting wildlife on game drives, going boating and interacting with the locals!

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    Commune with nature at this peaceful Japanese retreat. Image by Hoshinoya.

    Recharge yourself in the serene Japanese woods

    Soaking in the buzz of the country's biggest cities such as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka make for exciting experiences but can also get too hectic for our comfort at times. If you feel the same way, why not escape the hustle and bustle in the peaceful woods? Immerse yourself in nature as you explore a grassy path barefoot hand in hand with your loved ones, picnic atop a slope looking out over the iconic Mount Fuji and roast marshmallows together around a communal bonfire. Older children will also have the opportunity to go horseback riding through verdant greenery and canoe across the stunning Lake Kawaguchi. 

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    Gaze out over the Swiss Alps in your private igloo. Image by Whitepod.

    Stay on igloos high up in the Alps

    If the idea of staying in a cosy igloo tucked on the side of a mountain in the amazing Swiss Alps entices you, this is just the place you've been looking for. During the warmer weather, you can enjoy family-friendly activities such as hikes with dogs, a guided forest discovery where you'll learn about edible plants and a horse carriage ride in a quaint village. In the snowy season, opt to go dogsledding and snowshoe hiking; your children may even experience the first ski of their lives on these hills. At the end of a great day outdoors, soothe your tired muscles with a therapeutic massage session suitable for both the young and old.

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    Befriend gentle giants and learn all about their habits. Photo by Daniel Meyer / CC BY-NC 2.0

    Spend your days interacting with friendly elephants

    Do you have a soft spot for elephants? At this luxury camp nestled in the forest, you'll be able to personally interact with the gentle giants as they go about their daily lives. Accompany the animals on walks, learn all about their behaviour and biology from experts, help to shower them and enjoy a picnic in their company! Apart from spending time with the friendly elephants, your family can also enjoy leisurely boat rides on the Mekong River, plant rice and trees and go on day trips to explore attractions such as historic temples and tea plantations in the surrounding regions. Your cosy suite also comes outfitted with a balcony so you can enjoy panoramic views of the lush forest while you relax.

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  • 5 Ways to Celebrate Autumn in France Like the Locals Do

    Normandy bubbles with cheer during the autumn festival season. Photo by Nicolas Raymond/ CC BY 2.0

    France may not be the first destination that immediately pops into mind when you think about going on an autumn holiday but don't be too quick to overlook it. The change in season signals an end to the peak tourist months and the country sports a different charm as life slowly returns back to normal for the locals. Don't just take our word for it; we've gathered a couple of friendly natives to tell you all about France's autumnal appeal. As a romantic atmosphere blooms in the country, it's time to head out and admire the gorgeous landscape even as you participate in activities unique to the season. From a sailing event to the wine harvest and other festivals, you'll be itching to discover France in autumn!

    Join in the autumn revelry in Normandy

    Nothing gets us more excited for autumn than the various festivals scheduled for the season. At Normandy, a bevvy of festivals revolving around food and fun await. Feast on seasonal produce at apple and herring festivals and savour some unbelievably fresh seafood at fish markets; the region is particularly well-known for its tasty shellfish. Besides tasting sessions, you'll also get to watch lively folk music performances and film screenings, participate in traditional Norman games and even attend child-friendly art and craft workshops.   

    At Biarritz, you'll surf at the beach where Europeans first tried the sport. Photo by Paolo Margari / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Surf the cool waves at Biarritz

    Take advantage of the perfect weather while it lasts. In autumn, Biarritz is cool enough for you to indulge in a full day of swimming and surfing without the heat constantly sapping at your energy but not too cold as to prevent you from soaking up the sun and enjoying the beach. The resorts also remain lively but are thankfully not as packed as they get in the summer so you'll have some respite from the madding crowds. You'll even get the bragging rights of having surfed at the exact beach the Europeans did when they first attempted the sport.  

    Participate in the wine harvest with experts. Image by Les Sources de Caudalie.

    Take a road trip to Bordeaux and Burgundy for the wine harvest

    Imagine driving through France's hilly terrain whilst surrounded by trees dyed in fiery orange-red and warm yellow hues. The breathtaking sight fills you with wondrous joy even as you make your way to your elegant Chateaux, which is buzzing with excitement for the harvest season. And what better places are there for you to join in the wine harvest than at Bordeaux and Burgundy, two of the country's most popular wine regions? Scour vineyards ripe with fruit and learn about the winemaking process behind some of France's most famous tipples. Of course, you'll also get to celebrate all your hard work with delicious glasses of wine!

    Take in the romantic atmosphere of Paris from one of the bridges overlooking the river Seine. Photo by Luc Mercelis / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Appreciate the scenic views from Paris' numerous bridges

    Just when you thought you've already seen the best of the city of love, Paris proves you wrong as its beauty gets a further boost in autumn. Take slow walks with your partner on the streets and admire the colourful fall leaves as they frame iconic monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and the Notre Dame Cathedral. As you cross one of the capital's many bridges, take a moment to gaze out at the ripples in the river Seine and enjoy the romantic autumn scenery.   

    Join in the revelry at the annual sailing race. Photo by Philippe STANUS / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Live like a local in Saint-Tropez

    Crawling with travellers in the summer, the jewel that is Saint-Tropez gets to catch a breather once autumn approaches. The crowd becomes more relaxed with French art de Vivre vibes and the locals become more willing to engage in friendly banter. Make time for a lovely long lunch in the sunshine at Pampelonne beach, then walk along the shoreline on the Chemin des Douaniers for stunning coastal views. Time your holiday to coincide with the Voiles de Saint-Tropez, an annual sailing regatta that instantly enlivens the destination, to join in the fun!

    Insider tips kindly contributed by Ms Clarke from Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris and Ms Sachy from Les Sources de Caudalie.

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  • 5 Interesting Meals in Russia You Don’t Want to Miss

    Get the rare opportunity to taste royal recipes of the past. Image by Aspera Explorations.

    Russia is well known for its eye-catching architecture so unlike the buildings in the rest of Europe, dramatic natural landscapes that stretch out far into the horizon and, most recently, for being the host of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. But have you ever stopped to wonder what culinary treasures are hidden within its bountiful lands? Look no further to satisfy your curiosity. Whether you want to find out more about local produce in the world's largest country's or delve deeper into its historic and modern dishes, you'll find a gourmet experience to whet your appetite in this article!

    Dine like royalty in an opulent palace

    We may not have been born princes or princesses but that doesn't mean we can't still get a taste of the royal life. During this extravagant meal held at the luxurious Konstantinovsky Palace, you'll taste dishes the monarchy themselves dined on in the past. Just imagine sampling the turtle consomme that appeared on the menu in 1906 or sterlet caviar eaten in 1891 amongst other fanciful creations crafted based on royal recipes as you sit where distinguished royals once did; this will definitely be a special dinner to remember.

    Be awed at nature's bountiful offerings when you scour the forest. Photo by carlfbagge / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Hunt for natural produce in the wilderness

    Scour the country's unspoiled countryside for edibles and you might be surprised by your findings. A popular activity amongst Russians themselves who usually venture into the verdant woods for wild mushrooms and berries during the warmer seasons, this venture will not only give you greater insight into the lives of the locals but also a better understanding of natural produce and the environment. At the end of your search, you'll get to relax with a picnic and literally savour the fruits of your efforts.

    Seize the chance to dine with an elegant ballet dancer. Photo by Jack Devant / CC BY-NC 2.0

    Wine and dine with a graceful ballet dancer

    Perfect for those who're curious about Russia's art scene and intrigued by ballet in particular, this pick will have you sharing a meal with a skilled performer from the historic Mariinsky Theatre. As you feast on Russian cuisine, a personal translator will be on hand to assist you whilst you communicate with the ballet dancer. Get a proper insight into their life as you listen to the fascinating behind-the-scenes anecdotes they have to share. 

    Enjoy fresh seafood whilst surrounded by panoramic landscapes. Photo by Tatters / CC BY-SA 2.0

    Dig into Siberian delicacies in the great outdoors

    This adventurous meal takes you to a rugged peninsula in the east, where you'll delight in an abundance of fresh seafood such as meaty crab legs, sweet urchins and savoury salmon caviar and blini. Relish the taste of the sea in each bite as you tuck into the feast amidst an untouched natural environment where wildlife such as bears and reindeer roam. You'll also want to save some space to further satisfy your stomach with pre-prepared artisanal smoked salmon, juicy berry pies and liqueurs.

    Try reinvented Russian classics in the country's best restaurant. Photo by Michael Tantsura / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Indulge in a feast at the country's top restaurant

    The only Russian restaurant to have secured a place on the 2018 World's Top 50 Restaurants list, White Rabbit may just be the best place to eat in the country. Helmed by a local chef who has married traditional Russian fare with innovation and modern flair, White Rabbit has impressed international critics time and time again since its inception. From ingenious seasonal dishes that are all crafted from local produce to incredible views of Moscow from the glass dome to a tasteful restaurant interior sporting an "Alice In Wonderland" theme, a meal here is beautiful in every sense of the word.

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    Ice driving - European luxury car with mountains as backdrop