A true sybarite with a fundamental understanding of the the sublimely fabulous. A person for whom luxury travel is not simply an indulgence but a continuous expression of an idiom. An understanding that beneath the graceful swan of Modernist, Art Deco or Neo-Baroque must lie the frantic legs of logistics and ergonomics. His addiction to luxe in the continent is key to his uncompromising standards for all travel that passes by him.
Asked to describe his idea of a holiday, he rattles off the top of his head:
“I would start out from Frankfurt and head north towards Dresden on the Autobahn at speeds in excess of 250km/h. Turning off at the greatest driving track of all time – the Nurburgring, I would race my way through the 30km long track in a rented BMW or Porsche. Coming down from the adrenalin rush, I would head to Im Schriffchen for one of the finest dining experiences in the world. The 2-starred Michelin restaurant boasts amazing amuse bouches, stunning desserts and petit fours. Next, I would continue down south to Vieux Ferrete in France to pick up cheese from the atelier of Bernard Anthony (supplier to most 3-starred Michelin restaurants), and make my way through the town of Molsheim (home of the insane Bugatti Veyron) to the Alsace region for great Gewurztraminer wines.”