It all started with a good old-fashioned mom-and-daughter week in Paris, when Tung Ling realised just how much she loved spending hours on end in museums, getting around with just a map, picking up the local languages and capturing moments on camera. Since then, she has set out to see at least four new places every year; be it sneaking off from class while on exchange to go to Brussels, chasing her favourite band in Hamburg or roaming around Southeast Asia on a shoestring. A magnet for off-the-beaten paths like Plain of Jars in Phonsavan, Laos or the bohemian hills of Da Lat, Vietnam, she is proud of the fact that she has lived off the goodwill of locals, cycled through paddy fields in Vietnam, eaten crickets in Cambodia, climbed limestone mountains in Laos and come face-to-face with a black mamba snake — and survived the encounter.