Set up in early 2007, Quotient TravelPlanner is the leading customised travel agency in Singapore. Our agency consists of well-travelled agents who have the expertise to plan exciting holidays in already familiar locations, as well as create itineraries for places that you probably didn’t even know existed. To us, travel is not just about transporting the body, it’s about transforming the mind, little by little, one holiday at a time.


  • Javiny Lim

    Completely sold to the idea of independent travelling as soon as she tasted the sweetness of it, Jav is the key player in seeking out life and civilisations with friendly inhabitants and good accommodation. She has been genetically modified to seek out the best ways to travel to any destination in the world. On a more human note, she very much pines to return to the week she spent in Iceland. "Waking up every day to the scenic landscapes made up of fjords, geysers and rolling hills, going snowmobiling on the glacier, and ending the day off in a thermal bath at the Blue Lagoon -- I'm not sure there's nothing better! Hmm, maybe a 3-month long vacation, driving and railing from Scandinavia through to Russia, and ending up in China?"

  • Lim Hui-Juan

    Born into a family of travel addicts, HJ has started circumnavigating the world from the age of 4. Armed with her trusty collection of cameras and innate moderate map reading skills, she has breathed the air from more than 40 countries to date. An engineer by training, there is a logical explanation for everything. Experienced in self-drive holidays, backpacking, rail and sightseeing by foot, she is however still working on space travel. Reminiscing fondly on her last trip to Arizona: "I remember vividly the dramatic scenery made up of interesting rock formations, valleys of dry rock and never-ending roads filled with beautiful desert scenery. Most poignant was the chapel in Sedona, which appeared as if it was rising out of the rocks."

  • Vivian Yeo

    A leisurely Europe backpacking holiday in December 1999 was Vivian's first real taste of travel and turned out to be life-changing -- and nearly life-losing -- after she and a girlfriend missed the last funicular down Montserrat's slopes. Instead of being bitten, she was smitten and thrilled by the prospect of having countless tales to come. Very quickly she discovered her interests -- learning new things, meeting different people, photography, trekking and volunteering -- can be combined into a single passion for travelling as well as augment the experience. The mother of one firmly believes humour and a sense of adventure are paramount in any holiday. After all, the former business-technology journalist has hung onto for dear life Montserrat's 60-degree rail tracks at dusk, slipped several times while summer-hiking down the Grand Canyon, and had her statement taken at a police station around Bac Ha in Northern Vietnam after witnessing a fight between two locals.

  • Tang Houying

    Tang Houying takes joy in the simple things. To her, travel is an escapade; an adventure that provides her with new perspectives of life as she gets away from the hustle bustle of the local city life. It is also a foodie journey for her as she endeavours to find the best cafes where she can enjoy people watching whilst sipping on a cuppa’ as the day passes by. Just as how she understands how all the different ingredients play a different role in the perfect cup of coffee, the Food Science graduate believes that a memorable holiday experience is really a harmonious blend of all the different variables. One of her treasured travel memories was of herself and friends seeing numerous rainbows simultaneously as they trudged towards the base of the Niagara Falls on the Maid of the Mist to get a real taste of the immense power and beauty of mother nature.

  • Lim Wei

    A true sybarite with a fundamental understanding of the the sublimely fabulous. A person for whom luxury travel is not simply an indulgence but a continuous expression of an idiom. An understanding that beneath the graceful swan of Modernist, Art Deco or Neo-Baroque must lie the frantic legs of logistics and ergonomics. His addiction to luxe in the continent is key to his uncompromising standards for all travel that passes by him. Asked to describe his idea of a holiday, he rattles off the top of his head: "I would start out from Frankfurt and head north towards Dresden on the Autobahn at speeds in excess of 250km/h. Turning off at the greatest driving track of all time - the Nurburgring, I would race my way through the 30km long track in a rented BMW or Porsche. Coming down from the adrenalin rush, I would head to Im Schriffchen for one of the finest dining experiences in the world. The 2-starred Michelin restaurant boasts amazing amuse bouches, stunning desserts and petit fours. Next, I would continue down south to Vieux Ferrete in France to pick up cheese from the atelier of Bernard Anthony (supplier to most 3-starred Michelin restaurants), and make my way through the town of Molsheim (home of the insane Bugatti Veyron) to the Alsace region for great Gewurztraminer wines.”

  • Jade Chen

    Quotient's director of human resource and operations and one of just 19 recipients of HRD Rising Stars 2016,  Jade is known for her caring personality, zest for life and gregarious laughter. She has had a passion for dancing since 18 and maintains her fitness these days through barre workouts and by keeping up with her toddler. When she travels, the shopaholic at heart has a tendency to bring back loads of stuff, taking joy in delighting her family, friends and colleagues with small gifts each time she returns from a trip. Unsurprisingly, Jade's favourite destination is the United States, where she can spend hours shopping in outlets -- sometimes without even stopping for a meal! She also loves eating popcorn and candyfloss at amusement parks and has set her sights on visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in the near future.  

  • Wong Tung Ling

    It all started with a good old-fashioned mom-and-daughter week in Paris, when Tung Ling realised just how much she loved spending hours on end in museums, getting around with just a map, picking up the local languages and capturing moments on camera. Since then, she has set out to see at least four new places every year; be it sneaking off from class while on exchange to go to Brussels, chasing her favourite band in Hamburg or roaming around Southeast Asia on a shoestring. A magnet for off-the-beaten paths like Plain of Jars in Phonsavan, Laos or the bohemian hills of Da Lat, Vietnam, she is proud of the fact that she has lived off the goodwill of locals, cycled through paddy fields in Vietnam, eaten crickets in Cambodia, climbed limestone mountains in Laos and come face-to-face with a black mamba snake -- and survived the encounter.

  • Lionel Ho

    For Lionel, holiday bliss is a careful balance of clocking late-night hours way before the actual departure for thorough research and planning, and room for spontaneity and enjoying the moment. From young, he has had a keen interest in societies and appreciating how diverse yet similar cultures and communities can be; having majored in Sociology, his personal belief is that travel is not just about the spatial-temporal aspects but also about learning and changing through new experiences and perspectives. While not devouring dramas, Lionel loves being immersed in bustling metropolises and counts London one of his favourite destinations in the world.

  • Kaylee Tey

    An adrenaline advocate, Kaylee realised how much she loved taking exciting journeys through precarious peaks and valleys during a trekking expedition to an active volcano in Indonesia. Seeking new adventures on each holiday is a travel code of conduct she now lives by; having tasted the goodness of thrills including cave exploration, white-water rafting and skydiving, the Muay Thai enthusiast aims to tick shark cage-diving and bungee-jumping off her bucket list next. Kaylee's grounded attitude and gentle demeanour balances her daredevil drive impeccably. Her positivity and curiosity are key to her recipe for crafting memorable holidays that brim with apt, thoughtful experiences.

  • Liang Xuyuan

    Xuyuan caught the travel bug on his first solo backpacking holiday to South Korea when he was still an undergraduate. Since then, every trip has been a rewarding opportunity to explore the world and soak up the local culture. An avid rail fan, he takes pleasure in watching the scenery roll by his train seat window -- with a local brew in hand. Known for his steady disposition and a friendly demeanour, Xuyuan is fuelled by his passion for history and architecture; he never fails to dedicate ample hours every holiday to not only visit museums but also take time to wander off the beaten path and get lost in alleyways. Some of his most unforgettable travel experiences include jumping into a near-frozen lake after sweating it out in a Finnish smoke sauna and savouring a private vegetarian kaiseki meal in Kyoto.