Apps are great tools to use when travelling, be it to lessen your burden of navigating or to provide entertainment during a long journey. Quotient has come up with a list of 5 free apps that you can download for a more convenient and enriching holiday!

1)   Google Maps
The most important app to download for travelling, Google Maps serves as more than just a mini navigator.  It provides information of different routes to your destination, including the various public transport options you can take. This is extremely useful if you are travelling around an unfamiliar place without a rented vehicle. Plus, the voice guidance it provides comes in handy for self-drives.

2)   Google Translate
Communication can pose big problems when travelling. You could try speaking in the few phrases that you have picked up, but if it fails, you could always flash your mobile phone with the translated phrase to the other party.  Google Translate has an audio function which is advantageous if the other party you’re communicating with is illiterate. There is also a handwriting function to allow easier input of certain languages like Chinese.

3)   Camera apps
Though photography is the “in thing” now and many are purchasing professional cameras , there is still a large portion of the community that prefers using their phone camera. It saves the trouble of carrying a bulky camera around as you go sightseeing or for physical activities. There is huge variety of camera apps out there and you might want to try something different from the regular Instagram. I would recommend LINE camera for the those who love to add lots of cute effects to their photos, and Camera360 Ultimate for those who prefer a more classic and professional touch to their pictures.

4)   Free Call apps
Calling home can be a costly affair. Download a free call app such as Viber or Skype to contact your loved ones at home for little or no cost. You could purchase a pre-paid data plan from one of the local telecommunications companies which is usually more cost effective than a voice plan. This way, you can make unlimited calls anywhere and it’ll be easy to find a lost travel partner.

5)   Audible
Audible allows you to download audio books on your mobile devices. This is a great boredom-killer. On long bus or train rides, you could listen to a story and enjoy the scenery of the journey as well. Most importantly, it saves your eyes from reading on a moving vehicle, which may cause nausea or giddiness.