Learn how to make thin and silky-smooth mian xian with your team. Image by Hsu’s Noodle.

An overseas incentive trip to celebrate a fantastic financial year can be the perfect endeavour for your company. Your staff not only get to spend quality time together to forge stronger bonds, but the special reward will also have them feeling appreciated for their hard work and re-energised for the year ahead — perfect for your longterm goals.

Learn about new cultures and partake in different experiences together for a memorable occasion. If you’re thinking of staying in the Asia Pacific region for your incentive trip, these five cool team-bonding activities are perfect for adding a little pizzazz to your vacation.

Learn how to pull traditional noodles, Taiwan
From lusciously thick to beautifully curled strands, soupy to stir-fried dishes, noodles are one of the most ubiquitous dishes in Asia. Every country seems to sport its own noodle preferences and in Taiwan, one variety, mian xian, is particularly popular. At a factory in the mountains, learn all about noodle making before trying your hand at pulling the noodles yourself. Break into teams to stretch the dough into long and thin strands; it’s deceptively more challenging to prepare the noodles to local standards than it seems. After the champion noodle-pullers are crowned, adjourn for a scrumptious feast of freshly-prepared local noodle dishes. Once your noodles have dried under the sun, you get to take them home as a yummy souvenir.

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Build a bicycle and gift it to a child. Image by Excel Solutions Asia.

Build bicycles for children, Thailand
It’s always ideal when you get an opportunity to combine holiday fun with doing good for the community. Put on your thinking caps at this event organised by Excel Solutions Asia to complete a series of team missions with children from a local Thailand orphanage before heading back to a workshop to assemble small bicycles from scratch in groups. Upon completion, the bicycles will be gifted to the orphanage, where the children will then get to enjoy whizzing around on their new rides. There’re few things more rewarding than watching the fruits of your labour go directly towards brightening someone’s day!

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Sail on a luxury yacht. Image by Explore Group.

Race aboard a former America’s Cup yacht, New Zealand
As one of the world’s most prestigious sailing events, the America’s Cup is beloved by aficionados far and wide. Embrace the rare opportunity to be part of the crew of an actual America’s Cup yacht and race against other vessels in New Zealand‘s Waitemata Harbour. As the cool winds rustle your hair and the yacht cuts a clean line on the blue waters, you’ll feel on top of the world. Should you prefer a more leisurely ride, just sit back and appreciate the views as the professionals onboard guide the yacht with well-practised hands.  

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Learn the art of decorating beautiful porcelain pieces.

Pick up porcelain painting from a top artisan, Japan
Japan’s ceramics are some of the most delicate, high-quality pieces you can lay your hands on. Get up close to handmade pieces from a world-famous studio on a private visit and watch as one of the country’s most acclaimed artisans creates magic in front of your very eyes. Then, put your skills to the test as you are guided by experts in your journey to craft a personalised porcelain piece. When you leave the studio, you’ll take a piece of Japan’s tradition home with you.

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Experience farming for a day. Image by EXO travel.

Try your hand at organic farming, China
In a busy metropolis such as Shanghai, China’s second largest city, you’ll hardly expect to experience the rustic life. On a visit to an organic farm just outside the city, immerse yourself in nature as you roam around the tranquil landscape and personally pick vegetables. Then, take the bountiful fruits of your harvest and break up into teams for a private cooking class. Your chef of the day will teach you their handy tips and tricks on how best to prepare local delicacies so you can fuel up and leave the countryside full and satisfied.  

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