Norway‘s incredible fjords with their towering peaks dusted in white snow that literally sparkles and dramatic valleys where blue lakes pool are majestic sights that have often been lauded about. Having seen some spectacular pictures of the destination myself, it was with much anticipation that I hopped aboard a plane to the Scandinavian country.

Even with my expectations already in place, Hardangerfjord’s beauty still blew me away. From quaint, colourful buildings sitting prettily by the shore to sheer mountain faces rising mightily from the ground and the panoramic vistas stretching to the horizon, each moment was mesmerising. Throw in some adrenaline-packed activities and it was indeed an unforgettable trip. Journey with me as I recap my favourite moments in the region!

Norheimsund was the first village we stopped at during our visit to the region. Coincidentally, the sun was setting when we arrived and the picture of multi-coloured houses residing above the calm waters that glowed under the golden rays was literally picture-perfect.

On our tour around the Hardanger Maritime Museum, we were lucky to interact with two traditional craftsmen. We learned how to weave rope from one of Norway’s last two rope makers and how to craft planks from a Norwegian shipbuilder through hands-on activities — and had some great laughs while we were at it! The friendly shipbuilder even sang us a rousing song that seamen love. This visit gave us a truly fascinating insight into local crafts.

We woke up bright and early the next day to go snowshoe hiking in Jondal, an activity which was thankfully easier than it first looked. Sure, it takes time to get used to the gear but you’ll soon be stomping your way up to the summit, where you’ll be able to enjoy pleasant views of the white-washed valley below. Unfortunately, weather conditions hindered us from snowshoe hiking on Folgefonna glacier this time around but I’m looking forward to going back someday!

Today was husky sledding day, where we had a ball of a time steering the sleds on our own! Commanding the adorable dogs and handling the sled was tricky to begin with so many of us took a spill but the experience was great nonetheless. While waiting for our turns to go sledding, we gathered around a live campfire and snacked on grilled reindeer tongue, which was surprisingly tasty.

This reindeer stew that was lovingly prepared with fresh ingredients from a farm was just the hearty meal we needed after an active morning outdoors. The food we had on this trip from the fresh seafood to the sweet vegetables and yummy bread was simply delicious. We might have come home weighing more than we did before we left…

All suited up for our RIB boat tour at Eidfjord. This high-speed boat whisks you around to attractions around the fjord. Besides the stunning scenery, we saw some mountain goats and a frozen waterfall on the cliffside. Be sure to keep all your warm layers on even beneath the suit as the wind literally blows a gale once the boat sets off.

Via ferrata, which typically consists of climbing up a pathway with rungs and rails while armed with equipment, is definitely not for the faint-hearted. We had to go up an almost vertical rock wall at one point, which was admittedly challenging, but the sense of accomplishment was well worth it. Word has it that via ferrata tours to the famous Trolltunga will soon commence. That’s definitely one activity that’s going on my bucket list!

Bergen was our last stop on the trip. After taking in this beautiful sunset scene atop Mount Floyen, we rode the funicular back down and continued our walking tour with a visit to the Hanseatic harbour, where we learned more about the city’s rich history. It takes only two hours to get to Hardangerfjord from Bergen, so it’s ideal to combine a visit to both destinations on a single holiday! I’m already looking forward to returning to Norway someday :)

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