As a lover of nature and wildlife, safari holidays always get me excited as I’m able to observe animals in their own habitats and live surrounded by unspoilt nature. Despite this being our fifth time on safari between Houying, our Product Developer, and I, we’re still thrilled when we actually spot wildlife from our lodge or on game drives and trigger happy when it comes to taking pictures.

This trip to the Serengeti sure didn’t disappoint us! From spotting majestic lions to herds of other wildlife, insightful community visits and being pampered by the properties we stayed at, this was definitely a holiday to remember. Join us on our journey to Tanzania as I recount some of the highlights of our trip below. 

Every good holiday includes sumptuous meals, don’t you agree? At our lovely lodge, we got to enjoy this incredible view of the plains while tucking into food that was cooked right on the spot. We were even lucky enough one day to have seen a herd of elephants trudge past whilst dining by the swimming pool! Did you know a newborn baby elephant weighs 100kg? 

Waking up bright and early is a given when you’re on a safari holiday, which can admittedly be tiring if not for the adrenaline rush you get each time you spot wildlife. Thankfully, the large flat plains in the Serengeti means we get to spot herds easily, especially with the help of our trusty binoculars and the keen senses of our expert guide.

We saw a lot of cats on this trip! Sometimes they look cute but other times they look scary. Still, we get warm fuzzy feelings when we see wildlife so relaxed around humans. They’re alert for predators but at least in this private reserve, they don’t fear humans and let us drive close to them. This is why we’re glad to support causes like the Singita Grumeti Fund, which has an anti-poaching unit that preserves and protects wildlife. 

The Serengeti is one of the best places to spot the kings of the jungle; we’ve encountered prides of up to 20 and they’re among the best-looking lions we’ve ever seen. We spent a whole day observing lions just like how we people watched in Paris’ Cafe de Fiore. There’re many climbing lions in this area as they seem bent on getting a peaceful nap up where the flies can’t reach them.

Apart from lions, cheetahs and leopards, we also saw herds of zebra, wildebeest, gazelles and elephants grazing on the plains. Add in sightings of giraffes, ostriches and colourful birds along the way and it’s safe to say our trip to the Serengeti was fantastic this time around. It’s fascinating to observe all these animals just leisurely going about their daily lives.

Even when you’re taking a relaxing soak in the bathtub, you only have to look outside to see herds of animals roaming past. How cool is it to be this immersed in nature and to relax far away from the hectic city life?

The community we visited really gave us insight into the local way of life. As villages are located out in the open amidst the wilderness, they remain exposed to animal attacks and thieves, which is a far cry from the comfort we have in Singapore. Yet, the people here are so positive and take the difficulties they face in stride, which we found really admirable.      

At the Environmental Education Centre, local students are taught about critical issues such as deforestation, soil erosion and water conservation as these topics affect each and every one of them. The visit here really got us thinking about how we can contribute more to environmental efforts. Safari holidays may be plenty of fun but they’re also meaningful experiences as we are brought closer to nature in many ways!

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