In the spirit of Christmas and with the new year fast approaching, we decided to check with eight of our well-travelled friends what they think are the hot destinations for 2013. Their credentials are impeccable. After all, they travel the globe on an annual basis bringing much cheer to children everywhere.

Meet the original reindeer octet, which has been tirelessly pulling Santa’s sleigh since 1823. Sorry Rudolph, it looks like you didn’t quite make the cut.


So named for quite obvious reasons, Dasher is the speed demon of the pack. He loves adrenaline-pumping adventure and is always on the lookout for the next big thrill.

Dasher: I’m going to go with motorbiking in the Gobi Desert for 2013. It’s a great way to explore the great culture and wilderness, which changed little over the centuries. Starting in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, I’ll head down south through the Middle Gobi, onwards to the South Gobi, passing through mountains, deserts and nomadic families. It’s going to be awesome!



The belle of the group, Dancer loves museums, theatre and of course dance!

Dancer: It’s always such a rush, whenever we pass through Moscow. We drop off the presents to the kids, and it’s straight off to the next destination. I’m going to take some time off in 2013, hopefully when the weather is not so extreme and watch The Sleeping Beauty ballet performance at the Bolshoi. I just love the music of Tchaikovsky, don’t you?




The practical joker in the family, Prancer is always thinking up of new schemes to rattle the nerves of his companions.

Prancer: Las Vegas baby! When I’m done with my chores, I’m going to take the sleigh out to Vegas and catch the collaboration of Criss Angel MINDFREAK!!! with Cirque du Soleil, playing at the Luxor Hotel. Criss is my main inspiration and the show Criss Angel Believe is the show of 2013!




Well, let’s not dwell too much on how Vixen got her name.

Vixen: We have to keep our bodies in prime shape in this line of work. Riding around Earth is no mean feat. Go try if you don’t believe me. One of the fitness activities I engage in out of work is vertical dancing (pole dancing) and I’m looking forward to catching the IPDFA International Pole Championship happening in Singapore this coming October.




The quintessential romantic, Comet loves nothing more than spending a night under a blanket of stars. That’s why Lapland is the perfect home for her.

Comet: I’m so excited that Comet ISON is going to visit earth in 2013. What’s more she’s expected to arrive sometime in November, which is my birthday month. I’m planning to head down to Maunakea in Hawaii to escape the winter chill and catch this spectacle of a lifetime.




Cupid is a hippie and loves love and music. Always the idealist, he dreams of a world without borders, so that the Santa team wouldn’t waste so much time on Christmas Eve getting stuck at customs.

Cupid: Peace & Love is the biggest festival in Sweden, and it’s going to get even bigger in 2013. Borlänge is just a short hop away from home, which is great ’cause I’m not that big on flying anyway. I hear Depeche Mode and Queens of the Stone Age are going to be headlining the festival next June, which is really cool. I hope you guys can make it too, peace out!



Donner is a classic case of someone with an identity crisis; and for some unexplained reason, she thinks she’s a sheep.

Donner: Did you know there as many sheep as there are people in New Zealand? (Editor’s note: we didn’t check.) I’m planning to head down to New Zealand in 2013 for a culinary tour. It’s the perfect gourmand’s getaway, with plenty of delicious shellfish, such as green-lipped mussels, bluff oysters and Kaikoura yabbies (crayfish). The wine is also spectacular. Perhaps if I have extra time, I can even make a detour to see the penguins. Not sure why we don’t have them over in the North Pole.



Of German heritage, Blitzen hails from a long line of proud clockmakers. He is the timekeeper of the pack, ensuring that deliveries are always on time.

Blitzen: I would like to return to my roots and visit the Black Forest in Germany. I’ve got a few contacts for antique cuckoo clock dealers in the area, which is perfect for my ever-expanding collection. A dip in the thermal baths in Baden-Baden would also be a nice way to defrost. Hmm, I wonder if they have cake?