Quotient TravelPlanner and design house 360 & 5 have teamed up for a unique project that weaves travel and design, inspired by the fun-spirited House of Cards game originally created by U.S. designers Charles and Ray Eames.

Described by the creative duo as a celebration of “all the good stuff” in life, the Epic History Cards display at Paragon Citigold Centre showcases time-enduring themes and eye-catching imagery from around the world.

Blending symbols, landmarks, foods, animals, patterns and colours, the cards will allow you to get a feel the world at your fingertips before actually embarking on the trip of your lifetime.

Just as each card is slotted to interconnect to the others in the deck,  leaving space for endless possibilities, so is the iterative, hands-on process of crafting a holiday. Whether you choose to go modern or traditional, low-rise or high-rise, the cards will provide visual ingenuity aplenty and infuse you with a good dose of inquisitiveness for your next escapade.

Visit Paragon Citigold Centre before mid-July, 2016 to pick a card and take home a piece of the world, or lend your artistic touch to the structure!