Africa may inspire with its unique wildlife and mesmerising vastness, but immersing in the local culture and traditions of the people inhabiting this continent will without a doubt provide a rewarding and insightful experience.

From Botswana to Kenya, Quotient follows the call of the wild on the Mother Continent to encounter some of the oldest tribes on the planet, whose unique way of life give a different perspective on this wild and ever-fascinating kingdom.

Bushmen in Okavango Delta

Bushmen in Okavango Delta will take travellers on a hands-on walking safari.

Go on a walking safari with the San Bushmen in Okavango Delta, Botswana
The UNESCO World Heritage Okavango Delta, with its myriad canals, rich wildlife and incredible vastness is a wonderful slice of Botswana any nature enthusiast should discover. To get up-close and personal with it, the San Bushmen will take you on walks through the bushveld and share survivalist techniques such as making fire from sticks, learning what plants are edible and how to survive on nature’s resources. 

Himba Girl Portrait, Namibia

Young Himba woman showcases the typical necklace and hairstyle popular in her tribe village. Image credit: Oleg Znamenskiy /

Visit the villages of Himba people in Namibia
These semi-nomadic pastoralists from the Damaraland and Kaokoland regions of northern Namibia will reveal a unique lifestyle; friendly by nature, the herdsmen here make a living by breeding mainly cattle and goats while leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle. Visit to interact with these amazing tribes and learn how the proud Himba women spend many hours beautifying themselves with herbal scented smoke baths.

Masai warriors dancing tradional dance

Maasai warriors dancing traditional jumps as part of a cultural ceremony. Image credit: Aleksandar Todorovic /

Watch a lively traditional dance performed by the Maasai in Kenya
Experiencing the unique culture of the Maasai people will make for a lifetime of memories. In Kenya’s renowned Masai Mara National Reserve, you will not only get to enjoy landscapes teeming with wildlife, but also meet the friendly crimson-clad Maasai warriors who tend their herds among vast numbers of resident wildlife.

To visit the villages where the Maasai live is to look at the African wilderness with new eyes. Learn old wisdom such as the use of medicinal plants known only to the Maasai as well as the fine cultural contours of a land they know intimately.

african zulu dancer

Zulu man performing a traditional dance.

Participate in Zulu traditions in South Africa
The Zululand region of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa will reveal the rich Zulu culture as well as a wealth of game and nature reserves. Don’t miss Shakaland or Dumazulu, which will allow you to become part of an authentic Zulu wedding and even assist with daily chores around the village. Other activities include taking an ox-wagon to visit the typical beehive huts, or a township tour to check out the shebeens (pubs), taverns and traditional medicine shops.

Bushmen Village, Kalahari Desert, Namibia

The San people also known as Bushmen are members of various indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples of Southern Africa. Image credit: Oleg Znamenskiy /

Interact with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert in Namibia
Namibia’s spellbinding deserts and bushland brimming with wildlife and a rocky coastline littered with shipwrecks seem like a different universe. For an in-depth experience of this magical land, the oldest cultural tribe here, the local San people will teach you hunting techniques such as tracking and stalking, making it a good opportunity to learn more about their hunter-gatherer way of life. The tribesmen will also explain the uses of different plants, identify animal spoors and demonstrate how to find everything necessary for survival in the wilderness.