Jump with joy in a colourful inflated castle. Image by: The Big Bounce America

Add on to the joy of a vacation by making memories with your close ones on holiday. As your family enjoys a good time doing something fun together, your bonds will only strengthen and the precious occasion will be treasured for years to come. Thankfully, this shared sentiment has birthed a whole new selection of exciting new activities the whole family can revel in. Get that extra dose of happiness on your trip abroad!

Round up the young ‘uns for these intriguing experiences that have entertained many others across the world. From humongous bouncy castles to snuggling together amidst a canopy of trees, these unique activities are sure to bring your brood closer together. A word of caution: if you’re set on one of these activities, don’t tally too long as most of these events are only available for a limited time!

Bounce your way around a castle, United States
Jump right into a bouncy castle in the USA, which also happens to be the world’s biggest. The multicoloured spectacle spans a whopping 929 square meters and boasts features such as an inflatable forest complete with jungle animals, an obstacle course and a VIP section with a private foam-pit. Jump around to music spun by an on-location DJ and delight in the random confetti blasts that will add more pops of colour to your day. Unlike most other bouncy castles, this one doesn’t come with an age restriction either so, young or old, be ready to bounce your heart away! The Big Bounce America is slated to rove around the country until November.

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© huistenbosch

Hop on a virtual rollercoaster. Image by: © huistenbosch

Transport yourself to a virtual world, Japan
Immerse yourself in a virtual reality theme park, the biggest in Japan, this year! Your headset will engross you in a variety of out of the world experiences, including touring an imaginary world on a high-speed rollercoaster and bungee jumping from outer space. Anyone above eight is welcome to delve into these virtual reality experiences as long as there’s parental supervision. That’s not all Huis ten Bosch has to offer; elsewhere on the premises modelled to resemble Europe, enjoy photo taking or other attractions such as the children’s robot palace. The park also has seasonal events such as firework and flower festivals.

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Image by: Undiscovered Mountains

Live overnight among the trees in a family-sized tent. Image by: Undiscovered Mountains

Camp overnight in a tree tent, France
Take communing with nature to a whole other level on this tree tent experience with Undiscovered Mountains. Climb high up into a canopy of trees with professional equipment and guidance before seeking respite in a hammock hung from a sturdy branch. You’ll snuggle up to your family for the night as the rustling leaves sing you a restful lullaby. This one-of-a-kind experience in the southern French Alps is available as part of a Summer Activity Holiday and can be enjoyed in tandem with other adventures such as canyoning or via souterrata, which combines caving with hiking and rock climbing. Not to worry; the difficulty level of all the available activities can easily be adjusted to accommodate to the group’s skill level.

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Image by: The Peninsula Tokyo

Solve a Pokemon mystery for a special Pikachu doll. Image by: The Peninsula Tokyo

Play detective on a Pokemon adventure, Japan
With the Pokemon wave still going strong, the little ones and their caretakers alike will equally delight in an interactive Pokemon experience. Exclusive to Peninsula guests, each adventure comes with a set of Pokemon goods, including Pikachu hats and Pokeballs. Delve into a Pokemon investigation within the hotel premises itself, where you will act as detectives to spot clues and solve puzzles. Decipher the mystery and be awarded a specially designed Pikachu! On top of the fun interlude, you can also opt for VIP access to Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo or to attend a Pikachu meet-and-greet and photo session. 

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Image by: Zip World London

Get your adrenaline pumping on a zip line. Image by: Zip World London

Zoom down one of the world’s fastest zip lines, United Kingdom
The fastest city zip line in the world, Zip World London takes daredevils over the UK capital’s skyline on a thrill ride. Take in iconic landmarks such as Big Ben and the London Eye from a different perspective as you whizz down from a height of approximately 30.5 metres. The exhilarating experience is available as both an individual and group package — anyone aged eight and above can happily zoom down the ride. Act as speedy as the almost 50 mph ride if you’re interested in the zip line, which is only available until 1 October.

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Image by: 313 Farms

Break out dance moves alongside alpacas. Image by: 313 Farms

Shimmy alongside alpacas, Canada
Tot along your children for a unique dance class where you get to work your moves and interact with alpacas at the same time. The farm offers a selection of 45-minute long sessions, which include everything from hip-hop to barre courses. Although the nine alpacas on the premises aren’t busting dance moves alongside you per se, you can pet them during the class itself and also have the opportunity to feed and interact with them further after. As 313 Farms’ classes are all conducted outdoors, they are only available until fall. 

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