Any individual with a small dose of wanderlust will agree that the world is an infinite web of possibilities. Big enough to accommodate the inquisitive traveller, from the nature lover to the culture vulture, the planet we call home doesn’t fall short in inspiring, wooing and luring us to explore its treasure troves at our own pace.

For the last three years, we’ve kick-started the new year with our A-Z of Travel, which served as a fun way of looking at, and being inspired by, up-and-coming destinations or discovering places anew. While the series threw up plenty of gems, it was also limited as there are only that many places or travel-related things or personas beginning with “X” and yet possess a connection to the year.

Starting 2016, we will roll out travel recommendations under specific categories that appeal to many of our clients and readers — Nature, Culture, Gastronomy, Road trips and Under-the-Radar — and perhaps add more categories along the way. Our picks in these categories are fuelled by significant events and developments associated with the destinations, the accessibility and tourist infrastructure of the place and of course the physical beauty of the environment. Other factors we considered were a balanced geographical representation, the travel appetite of our clients and imminent or projected risks to the destination.

Ultimately, Quotient hopes to transport you viscerally to places rich in culture or where nature rules, to scenic destinations, which are better explored behind the wheels, to off-the-beaten track corners of the world waiting to be discovered and loved, and of course, to locales that nourish body and soul. Jump into our 2016 selection and see what (literally) moves you!

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