While many look forward to a white Christmas, some of us are either sticking it out in tropical Singapore or spending our holidays at a nearby beach destination. Here are some pointers on how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, while looking cool in the process. So ditch the sun visors and blotchy white sunscreens and check out the five tips we have in store!

1) BB creams are all the rage right now. Most of them contain SPF and act as a face foundation covering blemishes as well! They are also gender-friendly, so no worries for the guys.

2) If the guys are still paranoid about applying “make-up”, they could opt for a sunscreen spray. This mist feels like a second layer of skin and is easy to re-apply. Just spray spray spray!

3) Hats are important to protect your face and scalp from the sun. Sunhats make a pretty accessory for the ladies, while gentlemen can opt for a chic fedora.

4) UV radiation will damage your eyes in the long run. So always be equipped with a pair of stylish sunglasses such as the Aviator or the classic Wayfarer.

5) One thing that never goes out of fashion is denim, and thankfully dark blue jeans make a good UV protector!
Alternatively, you could purchase a few light-weight clothes that are made of UV-protective materials from the malls.