On a work trip to Italy in February 2012, I had a couple of free days to explore Rome. Drawing a mental radius for places within a couple of hours’ drive, my eye caught sight of L’Aquila. It had been in the news in 2009 for a devastating earthquake which claimed over 300 lives and thousands of structures in the medieval town. I took a drive down and found an almost empty town, with scaffoldings on many of the buildings, even after 3 years. I walked around scouting for a place for lunch but to little avail. Being in the middle of one of the coldest winters (the year it snowed in Rome) did not help. I was about to settle on a mobile meal truck, when I somehow felt an inclination to turn into a small street. This was the treasure I found:

Percorsi di Gusto
Cuisine: Italian
Address: Via Leosini, 7 L’Aquila
Tel: 0862 411429
Quotient Tip: Not a particularly popular place to visit for international visitors, but if you do happen to be in the area, this restaurant is a must-try. The restaurant offers 2 menus – one for pizza and another for mains. The Baccalà (salt cod) comes highly recommended.