I suppose if you are ever in Tallinn for holiday or work (Tallinn is the home of Skype), you wouldn’t mind a nice dining recommendation out of the medieval town centre, where everyone goes to anyway.

Lucky for me, I had an Estonian friend I met while travelling in Laos, and he brought me out when I was in Tallinn recently. The Kalev Yacht Club is exactly as its name suggests, a yacht club. There’s a nice quaint restaurant on the premises, with a nice view of the boats docked close by. The menu is modest, but the food is more than decent, even compared with the top recommended restaurants in the old town. The most important thing is to savour the atmosphere of a part of Tallinn, not many visitors get to see.

Tallinn Sailing Club
Cuisine: Estonian
Address: Pirita tee 17, Tallinn 11911
Tel: +372 623 9154
Quotient Tip:If you’re visiting in summer, try to do a later dinner, perhaps around 8pm. Even though the sun won’t set till past 10pm, the view of the place as the sun begins its slow descent, is one that cannot be beat.

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