5 Tips to make your Long-haul Flight more pleasant

We all know that sitting through long-haul flights can be quite a nightmare at times. But, here are some ideas, ranging from the usual suspects to the quirkier bunch, to make the trip a more relaxed one.

  1. Pick the best seat before you board your flight. SeatGuru dishes out tips that will allow you to make an informed choice and pick a seat that would best suit your needs. http://www.seatguru.com/
  2. Noise-cancellation headphones (we prefer the over the ear ones) are now considered more a necessity than a luxury on long-haul flights. Going back to basics, a cheaper alternative would be ear plugs.
  3. Bored of the usual travel pillows that aren’t actually that comfortable? Try the J-pillow! It can be used in 7 different positions and provides support to your chin, head and neck. Of course, not all pillows are comfortable for everyone so be sure to shop around (Kuhi Comfort, Travelrest, Caldera Releaf Neck Rest…etc.) before deciding! Available online at http://www.jpillow.com
  4. The Re-timer, a device that simulates light, naturally helps you sleep by re-setting your sleep rhythm and body clock, enabling one to adjust to jetlag before departure. Available online at  http://re-timer.com
  5. If you’re travelling with young kids or babies, here is a somewhat costly but effective solution for families. On top of bringing books, games and food to keep the tiny tots occupied, you can follow in the footsteps of a couple that gave out goody bags consisting of ear plugs, candy and a personalised message to fellow passengers. That way, you can put a smile on their face and ease the tension if your kids display less than desirable behaviour during the flight.