Tips on How Not To Drive Your Travel Partner Crazy

You know how they say that if you can’t identify any annoying friends around you, you might be that annoying friend? The same goes for travelling; if your travel partner isn’t making you crazy, you might actually be the one driving him/her up the wall. Here are some tips Quotient TravelPlanner gathered to help save a potential broken friendship! We’re kidding (not really).

1) Accommodation is key – we’re not talking about hotels here, we’re talking about your ability to adapt. Good travelling partners comply with one another instead of insisting on their own way. Here’s a simple list of guidelines to follow:

  • Create a list of places and things you each want to do, then pick the common ones
  • Pick a few choices as backup, for when there is extra time, or when there are hiccups to the original plan
  • Listen to each other’s opinions and avoid places or things that the other party is strongly against

2) Bring your own supplies, or buy it as soon as you arrive at your destination. More often than not, your partner will be kind enough to share his toothpaste or shampoo with you, but that doesn’t mean you should continue using it for the rest of the trip.

3) Be punctual. If it was planned to watch the sunrise at 6 am, be sure to get out of bed in time and not let your partner miss it! No one likes their precious time wasted during holidays.

  • Make it a point to sleep early, even if there’s a burning urge to stay up the whole night chatting

4) Stop complaining and enjoy the trip! Yes, I know it’s scorching hot and yes for sure the streets are not as clean as it is back at home, but please just shut up already.

5) Be considerate.

  • Do not hog the radio on a road trip. Your partner may not have the same music tastes as you, and it’s only fair to let him/her have their turn to listen to what they want
  • If you’re sharing a room with your travel partner, be considerate. Not everybody can sleep with noise around or lights on

Most importantly, enjoy the company you have. At least when it’s raining, there will be someone there to get drenched with you.