5 Unique Ways to Mark your Luggage for Easy Identification

Sure, we’ve seen how people tie ribbons or a piece of string around their luggage for easy identification on the luggage belt. But what if there could be a cooler way? Here are some wacky ideas, if you dare to try:

  1. Print a portrait of yourself on an A4 sticker and paste it on your luggage. Even the boldest thieves would feel embarrassed
  2. Step 1: Set an alarm for approximately the time you expect to clear customs. Step 2: listen out for the irritating luggage beeping down the conveyor belt
  3. Graffiti your luggage with a uniquely Singaporean symbol, “O$P$”. For those who don’t know that that means, it’s something loan sharks (debt collectors) spray on the walls of your house to mean, “owe money, pay money”.
  4. Check out Suitcase Stickers by thecheeky.com. Wads of cash, a kidnapped stewardess, cocaine and snakes… need we say more? You’re bound to make new friends and possibly cause offense to airport and immigration staff with these. http://thecheeky.com/suitcase-stickers
  5. And our favourite (shameless plug): get a unique Quotient TravelPlanner luggage tag, such as the one pictured above