Destination of Choice: Italy; Prague, Milan, Florence, Rome

Special thanks for customising our honeymoon trip to Prague-Milan-Florence-Rome. It was our 1st time visiting Prague & we must agree, we love Prague. It was romantic, the hotel location & the food was great! It all started with romantic Prague to shopping paradise Milan where I got all the latest bag collection from Prada.

We simply love Venice too! Being surrounded by water everywhere we go, it feels to carefree. It was so free & easy that we have no timing to worry. The itinerary book was very helpful & it was fun looking at the map & getting from one place to another.

The next city we went was Florence, it was filled with so much of good food & scenic. The best buy came when we went for the shopping tour to Prada & The Mall. Bags, clothes were marked down by 50% & more. It was really fruitful. The last stop was Rome where we were attracted to the many magnificent architectural churches & buildings.

We love the night view of Rome. Less busy & more romantic.

Once again, big thanks to Javiny & Quotient TravelPlanner for your help in making planning for our honeymoon.

~ Alvin & Debbie