Destination of Choice: England

Thank you for your warm welcome! We enjoyed ourselves in UK. We ended doing mostly kids stuff in Cotswolds and taking it really easy, going out in the morning and returning to Cowley Manor in the afternoon to stroll through the beautiful grounds.

In Cotswolds, we took the steam engine train ride and also went to the Cotswolds Farm Park… they were a hit with my toddler.. both my husband and I enjoyed ourselves too.

Cowley Manor was really nice. The grounds were beautiful and the restaurant marvelous. My only regret is not ordering room service (they do not allow kids in the restaurant, which is fine with us since we have a really nice patio to eat in) every dinner! I am glad we got the Exceptional Rooms as the room is very big. Given that we spend so much time in the hotel, the big room is a plus. Only one slight downside is that it comes with two levels and the top level is the toilet and bath area. It would have been nicer if we did not have a toddler who wants to follow us up everytime we go to the toilet or need to wash something…

~ Angie