We have enjoyed ourselves tremendously. It turned out to be ok when the snowmobile ride was cancelled as we both fell sick.

Love the arrangement you made for us the entire trip. Duration of the entire trip was just right. The time spent in each place was just right. Transfers etc were arranged nicely except for the Alta one but no big issue.

My/our favourite parts were how we had a good combination of city and wilderness so we could shop and at the same time had great scenic views. It was also a good decision to start with Norway and end with Sweden. We really liked the Flam train ride, fjord cruise, Flam town, Bergen city, Tromso spa cruise, Abisko Sky Station, Arctic Gourmet Cabin, Ice Hotel and Stockholm city. If I had to pick the top 3 highlights of this trip, it would have to be the ski chairlift to/from Abisko Sky Station, the stay at Arctic Gourmet Cabin and the hot tub on the Tromso spa cruise.

Thank you so much for arranging this trip for us! I will definitely spread the world.

We are planning our next trip. Tentatively thinking of either Moscow or Australia to see the southern lights in June.