Destination of Choice: Egypt

I enjoyed the Egypt trip very much. The tour guides for Cairo and Aswan/Luxor are generally good and knowledgeable. So were the tour leaders who met me at the airports and took care of the airport transfers to/from hotel. One of them actually gave me a packet of coffee powder on my last day. That was really sweet of him. They were courteous and attentive. Moreover, drivers who spoke English tried to engage in me in conversation.

I haven’t done much shopping due to the short time and excursions. However, I managed to buy some perfumes & Egyptian paintings on papyrus, cartouche (pendant with my egyptian name) in Cairo and alabaster cups in Luxor. My travel adventures are endless. I like to explore and experience the culture, food and way of life in the country I visit.

Nile Style Cruise was a pleasant experience. The people on board were friendly and attentive. Actually, one of the young waiter knew I like the local coffee because I requested for it twice a day. On my last few hours in the Cruise, he was available and I was waiting to be picked up for airport transfer from the cruise to airport. He actually brought me to a local sisha/coffee outlet to experience it. That was truly wonderful.

Thank you very much once again for a great job done!!!! I would readily recommend friends to Quotient Travel Planner!!

~ Cecilia Yeoh