Overall, we had a good time and enjoyed the trip. The hotels were great. We’ve been quite pleased usually with the itineraries suggested by Quotient. For this particular trip, however, there were a few disappointments which we would like to register:

1) The cooking class was very disappointing. Apparently the restaurant where the cooking usually would have taken place wasn’t open and the class was held in the home of the chef.

While the chef herself was a very nice lady, we didn’t think she was very well prepared. The place was cold and not very pleasant. The resulting dishes were OK but not outstanding. Personally, I just felt rather underwhelmed with that experience.

2) We ended up in Barcelona on New Year’s Day and while we had asked for some free time in Barcelona, we were completely left on our own and didn’t know that all shops and museums would be closed. Fortunately, we found some Gaudi museums that were open and we had a great time but we felt that Quotient could have made those recommendations and pre-booked for us. Perhaps that New Year’s Day could also have been allocated for the tapas-hopping since the restaurants were open.

Thanks for checking in with us.