Destination of Choice: Finnish Lapland and Estonia

YES! We managed to see the Northern Lights during our last night in Saariselka at the Honeymoon Turf Chamber. We were very lucky because it only appears for 4 hours. The lights are beautiful and we felt so excited when we saw them in the dark starry sky. It was very cold during our stay there too, – 28 degrees for the last day in Saariselka before departing back to Helsinki.

It was indeed a very memorable honeymoon trip for both of us. Something different from our usual holiday trips and we got to participate in so many fun and interesting activities e.g. reindeer ride, husky ride and the snow mobile. The huskies were very friendly and cute, we got to tour the huskies farm and discover more about each husky. They were so excited to see us, jumping up and down with enthusiasm. They enjoyed being stroked on the back by people. Although it was very tiring for Charles to push the sledge uphill, with me sitting in the sledge, but it was great working as a team with the huskies and Charles. In fact, I tried switching position with Charles and I was running out of breathe after <20min. I immediately switched back with him and was so impressed by the stamina of the huskies. Haha.

We were very happy to be able to see Santa Claus and we posted out some nice postcards from the Santa Post Office back to Singapore to surprise our family and friends. I personally prefer the Santa Village in Rovaniemi because it seemed more crowded and there were more things to see while Charles prefer the one in Saariselka instead. He finds the one in Saariselka is less commercialised, less crowded and of course a more unique experience.

We went on a Ghost Tour with the local tour group in Tallinn on our last night there. It was very thrilling as we walked around the dark streets and listening to all the related ghost stories. Tallinn is very unique by its own and we find the culture rather different from Finland. Especially when it comes to night-life activities. Seems like Tallinn is more “lively” at night with many pubs and nightclubs.

Thanks for planning out this trip for us. All the hotels chosen were great (specially in love with the antique lifts in the boutique hotels) and the activities were scattered out nicely across the 11 days.

Attached are some photos taken by us. Feel free to share them on your company website. And we look forward to our next holiday with Quotient TravelPlanner. =)

~ Charles & Belle