Destination of Choice: India

Most things went smoothly as planned except that we were not able to visit Rohtang pass, Nehru Kund, Rahalla Falls and Kothi due to 3 days of continuous rains, landslides and road closures. As a result, we spent most of our time in Manali within the resort, which is quite alright actually due to the comfort, good service and tranuquility.

Our host was excellent. He met us personally at the airport and called us everyday to ensure that we were alright. He also readily made alternative suggestions to allow us to make the most of the trip despite the weather.

The driver was also helpful and responsible. We felt safe throughout the trip as he drove with great care and readily helped us when we were approached by touts and beggar. The car was comfortable.

Thank you once again. You have done a great job in helping us to make this memorable trip, just like the last one in Italy.

~ Chee Wee