Destination of Choice: Cairo, Nile Cruise & Hurghada

I think that this itinerary is non-trivial. Having able to string them together with only one minor glitch (the local guy*) is pretty amazing! I think you guys deserve credit for that. Egypt sure was a vacation to remember. The land is truly beautiful and unique in its own way, only the water temp at the Red Sea was way too cold for us warm-weathered singaporeans to enjoy (the europeans all loved it though!) at this time of year. Haha! clement and I snorkelled for a total of 10 mins before jumping out of the water and shivering like mad.”

*Apparently one of the persons supposed to pick up Clement and Zoe neglected to have a sign with their names on it, and ended up calling them “local, local”. Reasons for this remain unknown to this day.

~ Clement & Zoe