Destination of Choice: Scandinavia, Estonia

Yes! Our trip was VERY rewarding despite all the transits we need to do! Still miss our trip as I am writing to you now…. Many of our friends were visually blown away by our pics on FB and enquired about our trip and Quotient TravelPlanner’s offerings real time!

* We saw the Aurora lights!
* Husky ride was good though we missed taking a single picture.
* Snow mobile was thrilling!
* Chair lift we did not get to sit cos weather temp too cold that night.
* Ice kart was exciting for them too.
* At the Saariselka, glass igloo… we forgot to take the “tray” (toboggan) to the mountain…so we missed the chance to slide down the snow…

In terms of all the arrangements, they were good.

1) All the flight transfers were ok. All were on time!
2) Hotel locations good. Very accessible!
3) Sequence of activities well planned.

Overall, we are very happy with the planned itinerary!

Actually, we are already starting to think our next trip for this year-end! Do you have any good suggestions?

We would love to hear!

Also CY & I have already posted our pictures on Facebook. We are fine to share our pictures with you!