Destination of Choice: Germany; Frankfurt, Rudesheim, Stuttgart, Heidelberg, Speyer, Baden-Baden, Günzburg, Munich

Thank you very much, we had a wonderful time in Germany.

Our overall experience with driver is good, driver was polite, pleasant & always early. He helped with the luggages & drove safely. He guided us to the exact platform for the train ride, and was already waiting for us at the platform at Gunzburg.

At the Legoland Village Chalet, it was a totally different experience staying in the chalet, nestled in the woods. Very tranquil surroundings. We enjoyed all the sights and attractions that you had planned for us to visit. You planned well as each drive interval was no more than 2 hours.

We liked the cruise to Rudeshiem. Eugene and I particularly liked Rudeshiem. I had the opportunity to try the famous Rudeshiem coffee with Asbach Uralt, it was a very aromatic and warming drink, not like any coffee that I have ever tasted. Heidelberg castle was an eye-opening trip for the kids, while we were overwhelmed by the breath-taking view from the castle. At Speyer, we found the techik museum to be rather amusing, like walking through a history book. My parents liked exploring all the market halls / marktplatz at Frankfurt, Stuttgart & Munich.

Brendan and Tessa thoroughly enjoyed their Junior Campus Programme and each came home with a self-made powered model vehicle. The instructor spoke good English. I think the highlight for the BMW Welt has got to be the Plant tour as we really got to see how a car is built from scratch. The plant is huge, we easily walked over 3 Km ? within the plant.

All in all, we did have a wonderful time, only that the it all came to an end so very quickly. We managed to see many different sights in Germany because of your good planning. Thank you for helping us to put together this unforgettable journey, especially taking care of the finer details for the trip, much appreciated !

Best regards,