Destination of Choice: Barcelona, Andalucia

The trip was fantastic. We are still experiencing the post holidays blues even though it has already been 3 months! We are planning to go back Spain sometime next year, maybe Valencia.

The travel pack was very informative and useful. It has got quite a lot of recommended sights, things to do, restaurants and pubs. Very impressed with the hotels you had put us up in.The one in Granada, especially was smacked right in the middle of the shopping district which was great. Very comprehensive Granada tour as well. Hotel in Barcelona has friendly and helpful staff.

And not forgetting the football match! That was the main highlight of the whole trip. The experience and ambience was simply priceless!! And now FC Barcelona had won the Champions League title!! Ole Ole Ole!!

Thumbs up to you and Quotient TravelPlanners for making our trip a very memorable one! Cheers!!

~ Syarini