Destination of Choice: Milan, Como, Florence, Innsbruck, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Prague, Frankfurt, Interlaken

We had a very enjoyable trip with many memorable moments and happenings.

The book was very useful as a dictionary for us to look through and find the best way to decide what to do on our holiday.

All in all, we are quite satisfied and happy with what you have done for us. We did most of the walking routes as laid out in the book and it proved more or less to be a good way to cover the cities that we visited. In terms of general service, you kept us up to date via emails and through our meetings, gave us suggestions and tweaked our travel idea until it became very manageable and customized for us. So we thank you for that.

From my memory, our initial trip was very ambitious covering all parts of Europe, Middle-East and even North Africa. We are glad we took your advice through the negotiating process to scale down our travels to just Europe only. The pacing of the trip was just nice; we exhausted the book’s trip highlights as well as our hostel’s recommendations for points of interests as well.

All in all, it was quite a good experience having done this travel planning with Quotient TravelPlanner and yourself.

As for the photos, I am most happy to share them with you. The reason why I replied late to your mail is that I’ve been so busy sorting through all the photos that we took throughout the trip!

~ Glenn, Philip