Destination of Choice: Morocco

To begin, I must say one of us left a kiss in Casablanca….while most of us left our hearts there! Indeed a lovely country! Much to offer! I believe we only managed to skim the surface! Overall a good trip! Well organised! (I already told my husband, i will want you to plan the next trip.) We got to see a mix of everything and hotels/riads were good, with good recommendations of restaurants and both the guide and driver were responsible and fun! Its a trip i would highly recommend to others too!

We were supposed to take a sunset camel ride into the desert, but arrived late and we took the camels in the dark which although a totally awesome experience on its own, it could have been a bit dangerous! We did stay in the nomad tent and that was good! Very basic but for those who like soft adventures, its quite an experience!

The stay in the cave was nice! A good place for hill walking and trekking, so if i do it again, I would prob stay 2 nights there! We did a side tour to visit the nomads at night. Very interesting experience!

All the riads are very interesting! We enjoyed the stay there.

Over all, we enjoyed! One of our best trips!

Now, let’s plan for next CNY….haha….:P