Destination of choice: Ecuador& Galapagos Islands

As with every trip, the most difficult part is the coming back to reality, and that really took us a while to do so especially after such a wonderful trip to The Galapagos.

First and foremost, we would like to thank our Travel Consultant for helping us organise this recent trip which was meant for a very important celebration – our 10th Wedding anniversary. Therefore, this trip did mean a lot to us and thus could not afford having any mistakes or hiccups. As such, we started planning for this trip since October 2014 ( we went on this trip in February 2015 – just before CNY ).

Previously we already have had used QT’s services on a trip to Morocco and were impressed. So this time our expectation of QT was definitely higher.

It was surely not an easy trip to plan as there were many considerations, such as specific travel dates, a layover in Amsterdam (we were flying Sing-Ams-Quito and the trip was too long, thus we chose a layover), cost constrains for the Galapagos cruise, type of cruise, type of activities and things to see (we specifically wanted to see The Galapagos penguins), and thus has to change the itineraries a bit. Then we wanted to cover as much as we could since we were going a long way, so we had wanted to plan trips to see some ethnic markets and also the famous Cotopaxi volcanos. We also wanted to break the trip into a few parts and had many concerns about a few things in the trip, but regarding all these, our Travel Consultant worked them out for us and she did a wonderful job.

The trip was indeed very well organised and we were well pleased that everything (the choice of cruise, itineraries, hotels and guide) that we asked for was met. In fact towards the last minute, we were concerned about having altitude sickness while landing in high altitudes in Quito. We emailed our Travel Specialist to enquire if there might be standby oxygen, and she did her best to find the answers for us.

We did have a very good and memorable trip – so good that we are now thinking of working with the same Travel Consultant for the next trip.

Thanks to our Travel Consultant for a great job! Keep up your good work!



Soapz and Jancz