Destination of Choice: Kerala, India

As the Silk Air flight was delayed, we checked into the hotel only at 2 am (Kerala’s time) in the morning. However, we were met by not just the driver alone but 3 other guys. It was, of course, very assuring to have them since the roads and ferry to Kerala Palace was very dark and can bring about fear for first time travelers to India. We appreciated that good gesture.

We had breakfast overlooking the water and able to appreciate the grounds of Kerala Palace, which exuded much charm and serenity. The architecture was very beautiful and unique and on this trip there was only another building, the Folklore Museum in Kochi, that we saw was a little similar to this resort.

We went for the Ayurveda massage in the late afternoon without really knowing what we were in for. The experience was totally different from other kind of massages. Although, I found it rather relaxing especially with the Dhara (Oil dripping over the forehead) but my husband didn’t really enjoy nor appreciate the 2-hour long “VERY OILY” massage.

Spending a night in the houseboat was a very good experience to witness the everyday life of people living alongside the backwaters. It was very serene and peaceful as the houseboat cruised slowly along the water. We have had a very relaxing time.

We have had an enjoyable time in Kerala. The experience was unique and we are certainly glad to have visited Kerala, God’s own country! Thank you Quotient Travel for making the necessary arrangements for us and ensuring our trip to be a good one!

~ Jeffrey & Doreen