It was a good trip and the itinerary guide was useful!

We didn’t get to see the aurora in Iceland cos of cloudy weather but luckily we caught them in Tromso. Not the strongest but better than none!

I think ice cave was good for the group but dryland dog sled was not so liked cos weather was rainy so it was pretty muddy. Aurora was good cos guide is also a landscape photographer so we had good pixs! The other tour where we explored a lesser known area was ok, the snowshoe tour was really short cos guide got too excited about a herd of reindeers nearby and cut short our walk…

I liked all the accommodation choices! But would be good to remind your future groups to bring their own toothbrush and paste since they don’t provide.

I’m curious how Singaporeans managed to pay their petrol using credit card cos Iceland uses 4 number pin and our sg cc uses 6 number pin! We were struggling with it for a while.