Greenland and Iceland – in Pictures

In July this year, Jeremy and Hazel embarked on a three-week exploration in Iceland and Greenland. Take a look at the beautiful pictures taken on the trip, kindly shared by the couple, and be transported into the spectacular frozen wonderland.

Iceland and Greenland experience intensive volcanic activity – in fact the formation of Iceland itself is attributed to this activity. The numerous natural phenomena has formed many different geological features, such as fault lines and geysers, eventually sculpting a unique landscape with spectacular sights.

Here are some of the spectacular natural wonders.

The Midnight Sun


Djúpalónssandur Beach

Almannagjá Fault

Þingvellir National Park



Blue Lagoon

The Ice

For most of us, these two icy countries have an air of mystery and fantasy to them – for good reason, because the glaciers and icebergs are so impressive. The sheer might of nature’s powers can only be appreciated from up close.

Top left: iceberg from Eqip Sermia glacier; Top centre: hiking on Sólheimajökull glacier;
Top right: Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon; Bottom: Icefjord

The Animals

With such wonderful natural surroundings, it is no surprise that Greenland and Iceland are home to lots of unique animals, which can be sighted often – Arctic foxes, sheep, reindeer and more. Many parts of the country are carefully conserved natural habitats.

Top left: Icelandic horses; Top right: whale-watching;
Bottom left: halibut fishing; Bottom right: husky

The Towns

No visit to a country is complete without spending time understanding its people and its culture. The beautiful towns, unique heritage and distinct local culture make these two countries so interesting to visit.

Top left: Ilulissat; Top centre: Hallgrímskirkja church Top right: Nuuk;
Bottom left: Akureyri; Bottom right: Ataa Town, an abandoned Inuit settlement