Destination of Choice: France, Spain, Czech Republic

Finally settled in SG after my KL trip. Wanted to get this message to you while my Europe trip was still fresh in my mind.

Again, I would like to say thank you for arranging the trip for me. It was a very memorable trip for so many reasons.

The experience in Lourdes was pretty amazing. I liked the convenient location of the hotel in Madrid. After the fun I had in Madrid, I had mixed emotions about Barcelona coz I also found out about the history between the 2. Let me say that the trains in Spain are far more comfortable, accessible and friendly than the trains in France. The hotel was nice. Very old world charm and the location was great. I met some Filipinos here who brought me around on my first night. One of the biggest surprises for me was the trip to Montserrat. I met wonderful people in this tour and we had the most amazing picnic at the top of the mountain. We took the funicular and hiked up a little bit and found a spot for our picnic. We got wine, cheese, bread and tapas from the farmers market and brought it all the way up. It was unbelievable. Even with time constraints, we still got to touch the Lady of Montserrat before we headed to the wine tasting.

Prague – Such a pretty city. The hotel was really good. The location was amazing. At the Prague tour, I met people from San Francisco and we all just got along. We ended the night drinking in this Monastery where the monks brew their own beer. It was recommended highly as a non tourist spot and the beer was really good. Unfortunately, by this time, all the walking and late nights and drinking has gotten to me, thus the not feeling well by the end of the tour.

Thank you for organizing my birthday vacation. From the time I was given the travel pack until the flowers and champagne that welcomed me in Prague, it was a wonderful experience packaged by you. Will definitely do this again.

~ Joanne Racoma